Top 50 Luxury Furniture Brands

Top 50 Luxury Furniture Brands ...

Finding the right furniture can be tricky. Whether you''re looking to buy a fancy couch and coffee table for your living room, these high-end furniture shops are sure to meet your needs. There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to decorating your space.

Unlike other traditional furniture stores, popular houses include traditional prints and patterns. Oftentimes, the best bargains for furniture are made by professional professionals who are knowledgeable and accountable. It''s a matter of time when it comes to selecting where to purchase your furniture.

While shopping online, we have compiled a list of the finest luxury furniture stores. From classic to modern designs, explore these high-end furniture stores to discover quality decor and unique styles.


High-End Furniture Brands

Design Within Reach is a luxury furniture company that specializes in combining contemporary and traditional items. The company prides itself on a well-stocked and ready to ship model, which allows you to go from checking out to chilling in exceptional time.

Arhaus is recognized for its innovative approach to manufacturing, with its luxurious, high-quality materials across all levels. Whether you want a sturdy dresser, a new office setup, or a dedicated set of bookshelves, Arhaus is sure to assist.

Lulu & Georgia is a luxury home decor business based in Los Angeles that is able to take interior design to the next level by making casually trendy furniture for everyday use. It is known for its many choices, including stunning throw pillows, stunning pillows, and beautiful artwork. This is, in turn, a trendful store worth shopping online.

The Sunday Shop is an indoor goods store that combines quality goods for every home to create retro designs. Visiting this furniture store is a holistic experience, and the owners even use lemon and herb incense to create a cozy, Sunday morning atmosphere. Expect furnishings made with simple materials like white linens and rustic wood to benefit from this process. The aim of the store is to create a calm, tranquil home that is a pleasure.

Sabai is a fine furniture brand that believes in quality rather than quantity. Each item is made using recycled, non-toxic materials. Not only do couches and other furnishings last a lifetime, but the closed-loop Sabai Standard program allows customers to sell sofas directly back to the brand for up to 20% of the current second-hand price.

Casterly, a popular furniture company, has been booming the industry since 2013 - despite Ee and Ji''s extensive social media presence and expansion across Australia, Singapore, and the United States. This company has grown into a major choice for homeowners looking for simple, affordable furniture.

Eternity Modern is an established furniture store online that offers contemporary, eclectic, and eye-catching items known for their quality. Their business model has evolved to make it one of the world''s largest end-to-end furniture companies. They are focusing on transforming replicas of famous historical items to make them more durable and appealing to a larger audience. Expect any purchase to be put to the test of time, using fiberglass and stainless steel instead of weaker alternatives.

Safavieh has grown into one of the most well-known furniture brands around. Not only will you obtain a stunning oriental area rug from this distinguished company, but you''ll also be able to select up traditional mid-century furniture, chairs and fixtures. This elegant furniture company will make your home the most famous place in the country.

ABC Carpet & Home, a luxury home goods business with over a decade of experience in the industry, is worth the investment. The velvet armchairs, supportive sofas, and elegant rugs are all popular styles, but darker jewel hues offer bolder details.

Ferm Living is rapidly becoming one of the world''s most in-demand premium furniture stores. Founded by Lewis Jenkins and Nell Houston in 2017, this Danish company aims to attract shoppers who love unique, curated homeware that is unlike anything else on the market. All items are recognizable, but expect quirky additions such as multi-layered tables, holographic vases, and contrasted Oyster Lamps that balance curved and rough surfaces for an instant conversation.

Tov is a distinguished furniture business with cutting-edge, feminine designs. Chaya & Bruce Krinsky, who believes that elegant furniture should not be out of your budget. Bright colors and sexy silhouettes can be found on everything from the couches to the ornate bedroom items. Tov is a one-of-a-kind furniture store that women will love.

Arteriors is a home furnishings company founded in 1987 by Mark Moussa and designs innovative items. Featuring a premium range of decorative lighting, furnishings, fittings, and home accessories, the company is positioned to provide a practical flair. This makes customers feel at ease when it comes to artistic finesse.

Brooklinen is a luxury textile and bedding company that started its journey in the United States but quickly expanded into the worldwide market. Co-founders Vicki and Rich Fulop believed that everyone should get high-quality home goods at a reasonable price. Each item is carefully selected to ensure they deliver exceptional results. The Luxe Sateen Range is excellent for exceptional sleep, giving you all the freedom to fall asleep.

Masaya & Co is a popular Nicaraguan furniture business combining sustainable handcrafted items to blend into any room. Most pieces include Central American influences and will give your living space an authentic touch. The company is passionate about preserving the world''s forests and uses only sustainably sourced solid wood and renewable resources across all products categories. Whether you''re looking for a new coffee table to spice up a room or you''re looking for a statement armchair, then we will find it for you.

Saatva, a luxury mattress company established in 2011 by Ron Rudzin, believes in achieving excellent nights sleep. With an online business model that allows customers to buy mattresses more easily than they have ever imagined. Saatvas'' exclusive features include a luxurious memory foam mattress and sturdy frames, which will leave you feeling weightless. In no time, you can transform your bedroom into an oasis.

1stDIBS is an e-commerce marketplace with over one million items that are compatible with traditional goods. Whether you want an Art-Deco lamp or fancy end tables, the site is able to help.

Burrow furniture is proud to offer a wide range of designs, from Mid-Century Modernism to traditional Scandinavian styles. Every room in your house will be functional, flexible and fresh.

Anthropologie is a professional clothing company that has been energizing customers since its first free-standing store was opened in 1992. Richard Hayne, the owner of the URBN, felt the clothing and furniture options in small, suburban US areas werent up to scratch. Fabrics from this store are unique and unique, with velvets, crushed linens, gold accents, and outlandish prints being commonplace. There are several advantages to buying online and seeing their offers.

Luisaviaroma is a luxury e-commerce business that believes home decors should be a success. There are also top-end designers like Alexander McQueen, Kartell, and Missoni that decorate their residence in a fashion sense. This online store also offers free samples from all of the family''s items, including LVRSustainable catalogs. Perfect for kids who want an eye-catching wall art or a rattan pouf, this online store offers free samples.

Parachute is a well-known home decor business that provides bedding, linens, and luxurious furnishings, while Parachute is a company that loves using light colors and natural woods to create an inviting atmosphere. These items are also complemented with rugs, sandals, and softened tables, which are durable and durable. Parachute is also a designer furniture company worth buying from.

The Inside is a luxurious furniture store with an excellent personal shopping experience, unique fabrics and customizable pieces that can suit every lifestyle and budget. Despite its opening in 2017, the company has expanded to include over 100 unique prints for couches, bedding, and outdoor furniture, allowing customers to browse an extensive assortment of sleepers, sections, modern styles, and L-shapes. This bespoke retailer will also delight you.

Avocado is a mattress manufacturer and home furnishings company that focuses on sustainability and ethical manufacturing. All mattresses from this range are made using 100% organic materials and feature GOLS organic latex and wool for superior moisture-wicking and comfort. One of their solid and elegant Eco Wood End Tables is sure to fit the bill. Together with their well-known, straightforward designs and amazing sustainability practices, their products are worth the investment.

Inside Weather, a furniture company based in Northern California, offers a personalized experience to every customer. Taking into account that customized furniture should be affordable and well-made, their concept is about creating components in-house, eliminating warehouse costs, and selling online. Inside Weather is a means of seeing buyers and advising them to purchase a fully customized piece of decor without leaving their house.

Tom Dixon has become a fixture in the home furnishings industry, focusing on modern and eccentric designs. The retailer, with its innovative textiles and exceptional lighting capabilities, is still a must-see for decor enthusiasts wanting something different. Tom Dixon is an accomplished furniture manufacturer, who believes that creativity should begin in the home.

AMARA, an award-winning luxury furniture company founded in 2005 by Sam and Andrew Hood, has issued an online magazine called The LuxPad, which keeps customers up to date with the latest trends in the design world. You may browse through a catalog of several well-known designers or take a peek at new ones.

Burke Decor is one of the most successful furniture stores on the market. After Hurricane Katrina in 2007, she realized that sourcing local materials and furnishings to rebuild New Orleans was extremely challenging. By keeping functionality at the forefront of what they do, Burke Decor will take your creative vision to the next level.

Serena & Lily, a Californian furniture and textile company founded in 2003, is a standout, upscale place for anyone who loves contemporary and contemporary decor inspired by the sun and sea. The color palette is neutral and most items will easily match your existing decor, according to the owner. With an impressive outdoor range, statement dining tables, and a dreamy rug collection, this premium chain will make you the envy of all.

One Kings Lane, a home decor business founded in 2009 by Ali Pincus and Susan Feldman, has curated a variety of top-rated items. For an additional experience, check out their signature design service.

2modern is a cutting-edge designer furniture store that specializes in modern furniture, lighting, and decor accessories. Despite its commitment to innovation, the company instills significant interest in Mid Century classics from Knoll and Herman Miller, along with more contemporary brands that push boundaries. This established retailer will assist you with your interior decorating goals.

Floyd, an American furniture store, is committed to producing high-quality pieces that last. Kyle Hoff and Alex ODell have established Floyd in the hope that it would reduce the amount of furniture that ended up in landfills by focusing on solid materials and simplified designs that could be passed from generation to generation. When it comes to furniture that looks good and has a sustainability promise, this top-rated brand is among the very best.

Jayson Home is a home-goods company established in 1993, that has scouted many areas around the globe. Whether you prefer luxury sofas or a rustic bench that looks great in your garden, these designs will spruce up your indoor and outdoor spaces. This eco-friendly company will help you stay true to your unique style.

Joss & Main is a major online retailer that specializes in home decor, furniture, kitchenware, and accessories. Their in-house design staff will assist you in choosing the most trendiest pieces to fit your home. They will also pick out everything from rustic side tables to premium seating units that you may have overlooked.

Apt2B is among the best in the business when it comes to affordable furniture that still has a luxury feel. Realizing that an attractive house was essential to feeling comfortable and fulfilled, the founders of this high-end company sought to make eye-catching staple pieces that won''t be foul of changing trends. With plenty of guidance at its online store and physical offices in Los Angeles, this brand makes furniture shopping personal.

World Market, a furniture shop, began its existence on a pier in San Francisco in the 1950s. Realizing that there was an appetite for hand-woven wicker items and unique artisan goods from abroad, was transformed his small pier business into a retail mall. This is a property that you should pay attention to.

All Modern has been one of the most well-known luxury furniture companies since its inception in 2006, providing an incredible selection of bathroom, bedroom, and living space items. Their website, which allows you to receive interior design suggestions from other customers, is fully customizable and ready to go. This home improvement store will also provide you with a dream space to relax.

HAY is a design business based in Denmark, which is designed with natural colors, simple shapes, and clean lines in hopes of adding some Zen to your property. With a selection of everything from small throw pillows to large palisade benches, you can make your place out from top to toe with a single purchase.

Urban Outfitters is a multi-million-dollar retail and furniture store that specializes in trendy statement pieces. These designs are bold and edgy, making them ideal for Millennials who prefer traditional patterns, bold colors, and intricate accessories. The kitsch bohemian pieces are their ultimate collections, but they also feature natural wood tables, chairs, and other sustainably produced staple items.

Goodee World, an online furniture marketplace, strives to make good, from home fragrances to their signature rattan baskets, every product is sustainably crafted. Besides, every worker along the supply chain receives a fair wage alongside professional development opportunities. Goodee World is a world class home design company that has had excellent reputation.

Tulip Table is an enduring furniture brand well-known for producing iconic circular-based furniture. Other showrooms have adopted the traditional style of their tables, but this company was the first to use solid aluminum bases and top-quality marble to create a product that lasts a lifetime. Consider adding side tables and chairs to your basket for a complete set.

Schoolhouse has embarked on a huge journey in 2003 and has since become one of the most widely used all-American furniture stores in the world. Featuring everything from industrial light fittings to analog clocks, this brand is designed to appeal to buyers who appreciate high-quality, handcrafted items that are practical. Schoolhouse''s products will never fade out of style.

Casagear is a high-end furniture business that excels in its functional and dazzling designs. Founded in 1924, the firm has created pieces that add value to every room in the house, irrespective of how many things you need. Using this one-stop shop, you can shop with confidence.

Medley Home is recognized for its low-cost, flexible manufacturing and timeless color palettes. Every piece is made-to-order, which keeps customers happy and allows the brand to monitor the most popular seasons.

Dear Keaton, an American global lifestyle brand, is dedicated to producing unique home furnishings, gifts, and furnishings that express comfort and serenity to your house. Unlike other brands, the company offers limited products to accommodate city workers and relaxed yogis with the same enthusiasm. Despite its large selection of fabrics, many accent decorations and distinctive furnishings, Dear Keaton offers an extensive range of services.

Aosom is one of the most popular luxury furniture stores worldwide, with a wide variety of benefits and services. Pronounced incredible, this retail establishment makes it a great location for busy people who need to get some gardening gear or remodeling their entire living room. At this homeware store, youll find everything you need.

Amazon is the largest and most popular furniture store online, offering customers access to a variety of services with ease: Rivet and Stone & Beam. The furniture is well-known for Millennials who like mid-century modern items, but Stone & Beam is a more popular option for families looking for rustic, country staples built to last. Amazon will have your items delivered in a new high.

Crate & Barrel is an American home decor company that specializes in kitchenware, furniture, and decorative accessories. Despite offering special collections and seasonal color palettes throughout the year, the company usually includes staple items such as round tables, dining tables, and chairs. The Coastal collection is popular and inspired by the ocean and nature.

West Elm is a leading home furnishing business established under Williams-Sonoma Inc. It initially had a difficult start, but when Jim Brett took the wheel in 2010, the firm''s trendy, modern aesthetic began to erupt. For the ultimate experience, try out the 3D room planner and a free design service.

MoMA Design Store is a high-end furniture company that will inject some fun into your interior design and decor. The products available are bright and beautiful, but also highly functional with the help of expert technology and ergonomics. Whether youre looking for a chair, a wall mirror, or a bathroom cabinet, you''ll be sure to find a unique piece of art from this company.

Ballard Designs is a high-end retail firm that sells home furnishings and accessories with a European flair. However, the designer team at Ballard is constantly innovating and making it a business goal to reinvent classic items for a 21st-century audience. In no time, you''ll be flexing your creative muscles.

Interior Define, a digital furniture company founded in 2014, has over 120 fabrics to choose from, 20 leg lengths, and even offers you the option to fill couch cushions to your desired plumpness. This includes a kiln-dried hardwoods and top-quality leathers, but the brand''s design support is their main selling point. This allows customers to virtually drop items into their existing bathroom, ensuring the perfect fit every time.

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