The 50 Best French Hairstyles

The 50 Best French Hairstyles ...

French haircuts are among the most popular styles for women looking for a feminine and relaxed appearance. A French hairstyle often involves a natural and slightly complicated approach to styling, resulting in a low-maintenance, feminine appearance that will take your style to the next level. These popular styles can be combined with different styles and lengths to achieve the perfect look.

Regardless of whether you like to tweak your look or simply want to experiment with the latest trends, there are several fantastic Parisian styles to choose. Some French women prefer long-hair with bangs for a classy and sophisticated look, while others prefer an elegant short style like the bob or pixie for a classic, simple cut. Despite the variety of French haircut styles, it may be difficult to select the right one.

For those who want to inspire you, we have created some of the finest French hairstyles for women. From short to long hair, discover these stylish French haircuts to create chic outfits for your next salon appointment.


French Haircut Styles

Long layered hairstyle with a fringe attracts attention to the eyes and adds depth and character to the face. For a classy Parisian look, try using a matte finish. Keep the fringe lightly styled, aiming to create a chic outfit with an air of je ne sais quoi.

The classic bob is a popular hairstyle that offers a versatile and easy to wear look. While many women view short hair as limiting their options, a bob may be pinned back, curled or worn pin-straight to create various looks. This French haircut is usually trimmed straight at the jawline and some women may want to add side bangs or a full fringe to match their personality.

The French bob is a shorter cropped embrace of the traditional chin-length style, which offers a blunt cut with bangs and texture for a bold statement. This elegant hairstyle is low-maintenance and can be worn straight, with playful waves, slicked back or tousled for a casual bedhead look. Although this bob looks airy, light and youthful, women with thick hair should consider removing weight from their strands to prevent hair from falling heavily against the face.

Shaggy medium-length hair is a casually chic addition to French style. While higher maintenance, this contemporary hairstyle can frame your face with layers and provide a smooth finish. Use a leave-in conditioner and avoid excessive creams to prevent your hair from lookingweighed down or over-styled. This style works well with naturally wavy hair as it lends the style a fresh and trendy appearance.

Messy curly hair can be the perfect choice for women who want to embrace their natural texture. This hairstyle can be recreated on naturally curly hair with the help of defining gels and creams, but can be also achieved by using moisturizing lotions before applying a generous amount of leave-in conditioner.

A short afro is an excellent choice for black women who want a low-maintenance, natural approach that will improve their texture. This elegant style can be a great choice when you want to transition from a protective style and allow your scalp to breathe after a braid application. It''s important to keep the hair and scalp moisturized with rich oils.

Women who want an easy and stylish bohemian haircut are able to get large locks and keep the hairstyle to the next level. The wispy bangs remove the volume in the hair''s body, allowing you to wear more feminine outfits, but they also prevent fading. Sea salt sprays and some light scrunching aid in recreateing the beachy vibes of the French Riviera.

Curtain bangs can be difficult to remove but they can also work beautifully on women with symmetrical features. Tousled waves will give you a gentle bedhead appearance that softens sharp features, while a straight style can be sported to look polished or edgy, making them one of the most versatile fringes for modern women. Sweeping curtain bangs always look elegant but you can easily cut a shorter fringe to lightly contour your cheekbones and create dimension.

This curly bob is a feminine and romantic style that looks fantastic on naturally curly hair. It can be pinned back for a youthful appearance or removed for a casual and carefree appearance. You can then use styling tools to smooth your hair and loosen your hair. Leave the hair to air dry before applying an anti-frizz lotion to your hair''s lengths.

Natural hair is one of the most popular styles for French women who want to embrace their texture. From braids to an afro, natural hairstyles offer simple elegance and minimal styling for a stunning look. Regardless of whether your hair is curly, try to maintain your locks with special creams, mousses, and moisturizing shampoos.

If you have a round face, this cut may be avoided as frizz is kept at bay, and the smoothing serum is essential for maintenance. Pair your bob with a trendy blazer, slim pants, and a gentle attitude to create the perfect outfit for a stunning French lady.

Keeping your hair one length with bangs helps you look effortlessly sophisticated. Most Parisians are wearing a straight fringe to complement this neutral style, but you may choose curtain bangs or a side-swept style for a more moderate appearance. Nevertheless, you should visit a salon regularly to keep your bangs looking neat.

Designed with shoulder-length wavy hair, women make a classic look and manageable appearance that can be sewed up or down. French women arent afraid to rock a messy and alleled look for a boho-chic vibe, but you can pin your hair back with accessories or pushed back with a headband for a sleek and relaxed look. Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot have a hand of bangs.

The bowl cut with short bangs may be difficult to maintain, but this chic hairstyle is ideal for professionals who prefer to stand out from the crowd. Depending on your taste, you may either use the shine spray to get a smooth appearance or the volumizing mousse to create a casual and messy look. Blend subtle highlights throughout your hair and add layers for an undone finish.

The messy pixie creates a modern look thanks to natural texture and choppy layers. Before styling, towel-dry your hair until its damp and then add lift and movement with clay or a light styling pomade. You don''t want to overload the hair with something, so keep the volume to the roots while lightly tousling the outer strands. Make your haircut stand out by wearing an elegant outfit to compensate your extreme locks.

Side braids are a stylish and feminine hairstyle that is perfect for everyday wear. However, French women prefer to keep their braids loose and bohemian for a very mild appearance. You may place your hair on the center and make two even braids that start at the roots, or try a single braid that falls over your shoulder to avoid stray strands. Try this technique on day-old hair.

The low bun is a cute way to wear your hair up in a casual and elegant way. If youre wearing your bun to the office, make a center part and gently slick the hair back to the nape for a comfortable appearance. For weekend brunches, include gentle beachy waves through the length of your hair and lightly secure your bun low on the head while keeping several strands out to frame the face.

The delicate side part will complement your bone structure and is an inspiration for most face shapes. To combine traditional French sophistication, cut long layers into your style and seamlessly blend your bangs into the surrounding hair. Parisian ladies don''t normally wear their hair pin-straight, making texture a must-have for a lightly disheveled, modern and trendy look.

This blonde blunt cut is a simple and effective procedure that requires minimal maintenance. This style does not include layers, so it appears smooth on short, medium, and long locks. In addition to this, you may stoke your hair inwards or using a sweeping side part to make your appearance more muted. Choose a vibrant platinum shade and pair your style with a blunt fringe for a classic look.

The side swept style is a chic and sophisticated look for French women who have straight, wavy or curly hair. For a romantic touch, pull your locks over to one side and wear them wavy or beautifully curled. The side sweep offers a sense of thicker hair, and the addition of layers can transform into a casual and bohemian look.

A casual updo perfectly reflects classic French elegance and requires little effort to achieve. This style can be used on thin and thick hair types and adds significant depth and body to fine hair. Brush your hair back and tease it at the crown to increase volume. Use a claw clip or hair elastics to twist and secure your hair. You may then place hair on the back of your head and remove a few spots on your face to framing it.

Popular French Haircuts For Women

The classic bob, medium length styles with bangs, shaggy short hair, messy curls, and long layered cuts are among the most popular French haircuts for women. These trendy hairstyles offer timeless and cute designs that work with all hair types, lengths, and textures, allowing you to create an effortlessly chic style. Regardless of whether you have thick, straight or curly hair, you may want to experiment with these stunning techniques.

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