The Illuminati Costume Was Surprisingly 100% CGI (Photos) in Doctor Strange 2

The Illuminati Costume Was Surprisingly 100% CGI (Photos) in Doctor Strange 2 ...

The introduction of the Illuminati on Earth-838, one of the greatest elements ofDoctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, as well as the introduction of Reed Richards, Maria Rambeau as Captain Marvel, an entirely different Mordo, Professor Xavier himself, Captain Carter, and Anson Mount''s Black Bolt.

The rest? Almost everyone except Mordo, who was always in the right place at the right time. The rest? Completely slaughteredespecially Black Bolt, whose death somehow didn''t give the movie a rating. EvenMs. Marvelstar Iman Vellaniwasn''t the greatest fan of his career.

Despite their deaths, fans got a little peek at some funny alternate costumes, some of which were for performers who had yet to appear in the MCU, such as Mrs. Fantastic and Black Bolt.

A fresh behind-the-scenes featurettereve revealed that at least one of them was a complete CGI creation.

Black Bolt''''s CGI Costume in Doctor Strange 2

The media release for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness comes with a featurette titled "Constructing the Multiverse," which ended up uncovering a disturbing CGI secret.

There''s a moment in which Anson Mount, who plays Black Bolt in the film, is talking with director Sam Raimi. Rather than being in full costume, he''s wearing a mo-cap suit, indicating that he never wore a practical suit for his hero.

The mount is still in mo-cap armor, which stands next to Lashana Lynch''s Captain Marvel, who is wearing a practical outfit.

Captain Carter of Hayley Atwell, a hero who had a completely practical costume lookup.

Captain Marvel is seen grabbing Scarlet Witch, where she will ultimately be on the receiving end of a devastating blow.

A second behind-the-scenes look demonstrates what it appeared on stage, with the rest of the Illuminati members snapping down at Benedict Cumberbatch''s Stephen Strange, and Mount''s mo-cap suit can be seen again.

The audience is down to roughly where this confrontation was captured in the final film, with Mount''s CGI outfit on display.

Why Didn''t Black Bolt''s Suit Exist?

Though most Marvel Studios films have a more unquestionable CGI, Black Bolt''s suit would probably not have crossed many viewers'' minds as a visual effects result. It''s reminiscent of theAvengers: Endgametime travel suits, which never had a practical version madea difference when it was discovered.

If Black Bolt''s suit isn''t real, there''s a significant chance that John Krasinski''s was also the product of a mo-cap suit. However, chances are it might have had to do with when they joined the production. If they were a last-minute addition during reshoots, the production might not have had the time to make a good-looking practical suit, leaving VFX as their best option.

Given the long reshoots, it is certain that this might be the reason behind it all. Fans will have to cross their fingers and hope that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is kind enough to desire to revisit the character of Black Bolt at some point in the near future.

Doctor Strange in Madnessis is now streaming on Disney+.

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