Pete Davidson Controls His Narrative On The Kardashians Hulu Show

Pete Davidson Controls His Narrative On The Kardashians Hulu Show ...

After meeting Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson''s influence in the entertainment industry swelled. However, fans anticipated Pete to star on The Kardashian on Hulu, although Pete was not in the mood. Season 2 of The Kardashians was recently made public.

It''s no secret that Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are utterly consternated by one another. Even if they have contemplated, or married, starring on Hulus The Kardashians might be one of their greatest acts. The latter will take place in the second season of the show, according to a source close to the Kardashian family.

Pete knows that this level of exposure for his career can be terrible. In this instance, he is only showing a genuine person''s side. He felt like after all of him in Season 1, he cant just ghost out and always be this entity. It is only going to make supporters more interested in watching. It''s a win-win situation.

Pete decided not to attend the program, according to the insider. A second insider close to the pair echoed this idea, according to a source. Pete did not go on The Kardashians haphazardly.

Kim would never force Pete to do anything he does not want to do. She agreed withKanye [West] because she knew that Kim would not be on the show. Kim never tried to persuade him or put any pressure on him at all. She left this decision completely up to Pete. Putting your relationship out there in such a public way opens the door for even greater scrutiny.

According to a source close to the KarJenners, Kim wanted her boyfriend to appear on the show but would not pressure Pete to do so. Kim handed Pete all decision-making powers, given since she prioritizes personal space.

Kim admits that Pete is not fully on track with presenting in season two but that she understands what people say about it to him. Kim is leaving this decision up to Pete and continues to take the same stance on this, although she does not intend to try and persuade him either way.

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