Brandi Glanvilles Shocked Taylor Armstrong About Russell's Death

Brandi Glanvilles Shocked Taylor Armstrong About Russell's Death ...

Brandi Glanville''s shocking remarks during the Season 2 premiere of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Ex-Wives Clubon June 23, Brandi, 49, said she was a sucker kid during my life when she met her husband. She then stated that the year her husband died was the worst, and Taylor continued before shamelessly declaring that experience for her.

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I couldn''t believe that she was actually saying that she had done the hardest year of her life after seeing everything I did, and my daughter went through I was just really taken aback, according to Taylor on a June 23 interview. I never saw anything coming. She didn''t have a relationship with Russell, so I still am horrified that she loved Taylor and Russell, which made the situation so devastating for her.

Taylor said it was difficult to process the fact that Brandi did not believe Russell''s abuse allegations before their divorce. This is particularly difficult for me because I am so active in domestic violence prevention and working with survivors and victims, and I speak all over the country and I am very public about my advocacy, she said. That is the worst thing you can do to a victim to suspect them or to ever suggest that they are making something up.

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Russell and Taylor were married between 2005 and 2011 and had one daughter, Kennedy, 16 years old. Following the marriage, Taylor was the one who made the divorce. Russell died the following month in his and Taylors Los Angeles, but I was horrified and disgruntled. I just didn''t see any evidence of him being suicidal, but I didn''t see any explanation.

Taylors The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip stars seemed to have her back when Brandi made the shocking remarks, and they immediately denied that it was the worst season ever for her when Taylor was confronted with the consequences of her husbands suicide. She also denied that in her own confession, Taylor called her out for making fun of her after she wrote a book. What? In her own confession, Taylor added that she was able to chase me a river.

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