Maya Vander has confirmed that she will not return to Selling Sunset

Maya Vander has confirmed that she will not return to Selling Sunset ...

Maya Vander will not return to Selling Sunset before of Season 6, according to the real estate agent. Page Six

I decided to do my contract because she tells us a lot about her status on Netflix reality series.

I love the concert, and it was great, but im hoping to focus on the Miami real estate market.

The owner of the Maya Vander Group, 40, says that he wants to focus on my family, and traveling from coast to coast is a lot. The show is fantastic, and I love everyone, but I''m looking forward to growing my business in South Florida.

According to Us Weekly, a Jason Oppenheim co-founder of the Vanders property license is well aware of.

Vanders'' career has come to an end due to several significant losses in her personal life.

Earlier this week, the mother of two revealed that she had a miscarriage six months after she was born her stillborn son.

She wrote atop an Instagram Story photo of her 3-year-old son, Aiden, sleeping. Miscarriage after ten weeks following my stillbirth, but my husband and my kids are absolutely my blessing and I am so lucky to be their mother!

While she grieves, Vander recognized her partner, Dave Miller, Aiden, and their 2-year-old daughter, Elle, for bringing her joy and happiness.

She encouraged her followers to hug and love the people they [they] care about, concluding, and Don''t take things for granted.

In December 2021, the real estate agent died of a conundrum.

Earlier this month, she discussed the tragedy, stating that she is feeling well while staying active.

This does not include a bi-coastal job.

Vander revealed to us in August 2020 that she rearranged the film back to Los Angeles, where she was scheduled to premiere the show.

After 15 years in Florida and three years with The Oppenheim Group, her husband was offered a job in Miami, so they moved right as Selling Sunet became available.

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