Russian criminals have catfished JK Rowling

Russian criminals have catfished JK Rowling ...

The prank by JK Rowling on Rowling''s previous project was to show Russian president Vladimir Putin on Saturday night''s upcoming film. This time, the pranker said, "It''s a matter of honor." According to Rowling''s spokesperson, the film has largely been canceled, citing the fact that she was putting Avada Kadevra on Russian missiles used by the Russian army. This is particularly true for the pranksters, as it has weakened, and

Even celebrities are not immune to the magic of prank calls, as Harry Potter author JK Rowling participated in a 12+ minute Zoom call where Russian pranksters convinced her that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was. The prank call was pulled off by Vovan and Lexus, who names former victims include Elton John, Kamala Harris, George W. Bush, Bernie Sanders, Prince Harry, and Billie Eilish. Read more about Rowling''s latest prank here

J.K. Rowling appears in this video on a weekly basis, where prank callers highlight the fact that they are placing Avada Kadevra on the missiles they are using against the Russian army. Harry Potter fans will be familiar with this forbidden spell as the killing curse. It also notes that the Russian scar has been painted on Russian tanks and has become a symbol of support for the Russian army. Rowling said she would change the scar to the Ukrainian trident.

The pranksters asked JK Rowling if Dumbledore was gay in another choice excerpt of the interview. But this is likely to explain Rowling''s unpopular relationship with the trans world. In the past, Rowling was very open about her beliefs about trans rights, so this joke was apparent to poke fun at that dynamic.

Lumos, a JK Rowlings charitable, is currently raising funds to assist Ukrainian residents who have been affected by the ongoing conflict. The prank duo also stated that the Lumos money will be used to buy weapons and missiles to protect Russian soldiers. The video, however, has since been deleted, indicating that it has been edited, and a distorted representation of the conversation. Most celebrities are often outspoken against Russia''s invasion of Ukraine, and there is likely to be no bigger pool to choose from in the

J.K. Rowlings'' most recent project was co-writing and producing Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, the third entry to the Fantastic Beasts franchise. It may mark the franchise''s conclusion, as it failed at the box office. It will likely feature Ezra Miller in a prominent role, who has recently faced several legal issues. The movie notably featured Johnny Depp and Elisa Kazan, who has previously faced several legal conflicts. The franchise might just be perceived as more complicated

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