After two years of dating, Kendall Jenner grew up with Devin Booker

After two years of dating, Kendall Jenner grew up with Devin Booker ...

Kendall JennerandDevin Bookers'' relationship was sparked by a shock wave from KarJennerstans, a fashion designer, and her NBA superstar beau, 25, while rumors fade. Fortunately, a source EXCLUSIVELY gave HollywoodLife the 411, and it seems like Kendall was canceled because Devin wasn''t as serious as she was about their love match.

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Devin is very upset about the whole thing and he hasnt even begun to move on, according to the source. Kendall broke up because she didn''t think he was taking the relationship as seriously as she was. It was like that to bring him with her to Kourtneys wedding, but it didn''t happen like that at all, and he couldn''t have looked more disconnected from it.

Devin''s actions at the wedding were a real eye opener for Kendall. He detailed his future life plans, which included his career and where he sees himself doing professionally, but they didn''t seem to include Kendall. Devin was clearly not on the same page and explained how much she eventually wanted. Even though her parents had a great run, ultimately it''s not what she wants.

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Kendall is having kids, according to another source, because during the breakup, Kendalldoes loveDevin, but she does not feel like they are on the same page in terms of their feelings for each other and how much they ultimately desire. This makes her feel like she is the odd one out. Her mother and brother are always asking her, and she is always happy.

Kendall and Devin share a common secret in her professional life. Their days are spent in the gym, training, and or planning for a game. They are usually not even in the same state, so to speak.

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Kendall and Devin aren''t seeing anyone else right now, according to the source. Even though Kendall believes she can have any man she wants, the split was more about Devin wanting her, or lack thereof. Kendallcould have any man she wants, and she knows this. She is constantly getting hit on, and it almost does not even phase her anymore. She knows when to say back off and is not afraid to say it to anyone. It''s aboutDevin realizing what he has.

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