Hustles Jordan Hull Attacks Adam Sandler and Queen Latifah: Their Ego Was At The Door

Hustles Jordan Hull Attacks Adam Sandler and Queen Latifah: Their Ego Was At The Door ...

Hustle is one of the summer''s greatest shows on Netflix. The film follows an NBA scout played by Adam Sandler, who discovers basketballs next big thing, played by real-life NBA player Juancho Hernangomez. Jordan Hull plays Alex, the daughter of Adam and Queen Latifahs players. HollywoodLife spoke eXCLUSIVEly with Jordan about her first-ever film role and being amongst the greatest of the greats.

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Jordan was born and raised up in the studio watching Adam and Queen Latifah on the big screen. Despite being Hollywood juggernauts, they welcomed Jordan with open arms. Zoom was fantastic. It was just us and the director just getting to know one another, and it was a huge learning lesson because they were very charismatic and helpful and funny. Even though I finally met with them, I felt like ten times more comfortable.

While working alongside her onscreen parents, she discovered that every actor has a different process when it comes to their work. But they both have this in common, which was the fact that their ego was completely on the door. I think it is because of Adam''s commitment to his skill and all of that. He is incredibly well-prepared, but when he gets there, he is not doing his own thing.

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Theres a quote in the movie that shows how good a player knows where they are on the court, and a great player knows where everybody else is. Hes kind of like that as an actor. They were well-known and they knew where they were and how great they were. What made them unique is that they were aware of other people on the stage and the crew. They just had an open mind about everything.

Jordan isn''t the only one to have a breakout day in Hustle. Juancho, an Utah Jazz player, wows with his appearance as Bo Cruz. To say Im impressed is a huge understatement. To be in Juanchos position so gracefully and with so much intelligence, but also being objectively a great performer, is a high order. He does it very, very well.

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Adam and Queen Latifah gave the young actress a lot of great ideas about working and getting you more employment, and she just listens to such fantastic music wherever she goes, according to Jordan. It was really, really jarring because she loves to play instruments and things like that, so just seeing how she and Adam developed a great relationship of music and acting was really cool. So now I''ll take that with me to every set.

Jordan admitted to creating a vision board and declared that in one year I want to do one play, one TV show, and one movie. And then I kind of did that this year and last year. To be a part of three really big projects The L Word is something that was my first gig. The people there just had a very high standard of what it means to be on set, the type of people that must be represented in front and behind the screen, so to go for that and then to a Netflix film was just that.

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