In Your Dead Relatives Voice, Amazons Alexa may someday talk

In Your Dead Relatives Voice, Amazons Alexa may someday talk ...

Smart speakers like Amazons Echo have become a staple in many homes, where they listen to their owners requests and assist with setting alarms, looking up recipes, and playing music. However, some options are available to make Alexa sound like Samuel L. Jackson. (You may even make Alexa sound as if you opt for an aggressive, profane experience if you ask an A.I. what the weather will be like tomorrow.)

The most recent advancement that Amazon is lauding for its smart speakers and Alexa takes the concept a step father into potentially woesome territory this week. Amazon presented a demo of technology that would allow Echo to mimic any person voice even, perhaps, a dead relative. To get things done, at least according to the demo, is a minute of the specific speakers recorded.

Here''s what you can see in the demo below (via Variety):

Is your grandmother talking to you via Alexa erroneous or erroneous? I can imagine different people having different answers to that question. In reality, I can imagine a couple movies and television shows that are literally about this concept.

From 2017, the film Marjorie Prime was based on a more advanced version of this exact same technique, with holograms and artificial intelligence being used to revive deceased people who can (or inadvertently trouble) their lives.

Amazon called 2022 the golden era of AI in terms of support, but as someone who has seen a lot of Terminatormovies, I''m not quite sure it should be.

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