A Sex Rooms Show On Netflix's New Home Renovation Show

A Sex Rooms Show On Netflix's New Home Renovation Show ...

These days, home renovation events are all the rage. Shows about people buying property, selling houses, and flipping houses; seemingly every possibility on these types of TV series has been done. However, Netflix has found a new approach to enter the genre.

How to Build a Sex Room (How to Create) is a topic for an interior designer namedMelanie Rose, who is adept at designing, well, sex rooms for couples.

The first trailer for the show just released, but it does not believe it is anything other than couples creating beautiful spaces to get caught up in. When people hear the words sex room, they concentrate on the word sex, and that connotes dirty, disgusting, Rose says in the trailer. But when I design them they can be beautiful. Below you will see how the series works:

Here is the official synopsis of the show:

Melanie Rose, a luxury interior designer who specialises in contemporary living, has been hired to create stylish spaces that they desire. You''ve seen kitchen remodels, and you''ve seen bathroom transformations, but you''ve never seen anything quite like this!

How To Build a Sex Room is available on Netflix on July 8. The season includes eight 40-minute episodes. Go ahead and watch (or hire Melanie Rose to renovate your house) we won''t tell anyone.

Three additional seasons ofSelling Sunset, aSelling Sunsetspinoff, and new episodes ofDream Home Makeover, as well as a show titledInstant Dream Home. Be honest: If you''re wondering if there''ll be more about the sex rooms, then this is the whole Netflix lineup of upcoming home renovation programs.

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