Due to safety concerns, the FDA has announced that all Juul E-Cigarettes and Vaping Products have been withdrawn from the market

Due to safety concerns, the FDA has announced that all Juul E-Cigarettes and Vaping Products have be ...

After discovering that Juul Labs was the subject of a safety flaw, the US Food and Drug Administration said on Thursday that it was ordering all vaping products off the market. The decision clears the way for competitors to increase their share of the market, which Juul once was.

In a statement, the FDA''s commitment to ensure that all e-cigarette and electronic nicotine delivery system products currently being offered to consumers meet public health standards is significant progress. According to FDA Commissioner Robert Califf,

The Juul device and its pods, which are currently available in Virginia tobacco and in menthol, with nicotine levels of five and three percent.

The FDA found that after finishing a two-year review of the company''s marketing application, the data presented provided provided sufficient evidence regarding the toxicological profile of the products.

Amount, some of the companies'' study findings were fueled by incomplete and conflicting information, including about genotoxicity and potentially harmful chemicals leaching from the company''s proprietary e-liquid pods.

Juul was given the blame for a surge in youth smuggling in its fruit and candy flavored e-cigarettes, which it had withdrawn in 2019.

In January 2020, the FDA stated that selling electronic cigarettes in other flavors than tobacco or menthol would be unlawful unless specifically authorized by the government.

Some e-cigarette products from other companies have been approved by the agency, such as Reynolds American, the current market leader, NJOY and Logic Technology Development.

Juul claims that vaping products may be a substitute for harmful health hazards experienced by traditional cigarettes.

According to company''s website, Juuls products exist only to keep adult smokers away from combustible cigarettes, and the company is continuing to grow rapidly following an erosion of trust over the past few years.

On Tuesday, the President Joe Bidens administration announced that it would adopt a new approach that required cigarette manufacturers to lower nicotine consumption to non-addictive levels.

The FDA is required to develop and then publish a rule, which will likely be challenged by the industry.

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