What Is A Softboy? The TikTok Aesthetic and Term

What Is A Softboy? The TikTok Aesthetic and Term ...

The f*ckboy, a term used for dating men who do whatever they want sometimes to a problematic degree without hesitation. In the midst of the widespread interest of millions of people on the internet, some of the dudes received a total vibe switch up, selling their frocks for cashmere sweaters and Soundcloud remixes for the Ultimate Indie playlist. Enter, softboys.

On TikTok, the tag #softboy has nearly 988 million views, while the other tag #softboi has more than 233 million views of its own. Both terms suggest that the latter is a simple form of dress, which includes an aesthetic or style of dress, and a scholar who is simply not as deep as he thinks. Those who have encountered softboys in the wild demonstrate that their actions are just a sense of separation from the pick me boy antics. Let''s break down.

What Is A Softboy?

What Is The Softboy Aesthetic?

If a guy raided Emma Chamberlains'' closet, the softboy fashion appearance is much more hysteria. On the app, the style typically consists of layering, sweaters, Levis, and quirky rings.

These two uses of the word leave the internet divided. The term can be used as a compliment for the fashionable, and as an end to the fake deep. Make your own risk.

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