If he waits, Tottenham may be able to return after leaving in 2019

If he waits, Tottenham may be able to return after leaving in 2019 ...

According to ESPN, Craig Burley believes Mauricio Pochettino may return to Tottenham if he waits long enough.

According to ESPN, the 50-year-old is set to take the sack from Paris Saint-Germain, speculating that he will return to the Premier League.

Pochettino was sacked by Spurs in 2019, then went on to compete in PSG, winning the Ligue 1 title, but not the sought-after Champions League. Thierry Henry explains his differences in France as compared to England.

It''s all coming to a close, as a number of Europe''s top executives are promoted, including Antonio Conte now making orders at Hotspur Way.

Burley, a former Scotland international, claims Pochettinos'' stock has dropped since leaving Spurs because he didn''t get a deal with the Qatari-backed club.

According to Burley, if he waits long enough, then he may get his job at Tottenham again.

Yes, I suspect so (his stock has dropped). What he was doing at Tottenham was overachieving.

In some senses, although he has won Ligue 1, there is a sense of underachievement at PSG and not being able to handle a very difficult dressing room it appears. And the Sporting director (Leonardo).


During Pochettinos'' time at the club, the Spurs didn''t put a trophy in their cabinet.

One thing is for sure, he left memories that will last a lifetime for the club, including reaching the Champions League final, which made him a solid fan favorite.

Daniel Levy, who has handing the keys to Jose Mourinho, Ryan Mason, Nuno Espirito Santo, and now Conte, have all completed the day in a sour manner.

Tottenham are now heading back to where they were under Poch himself.

Given that this is Tottenham, it might of course all come to an end in no time, but this is the best chance they have to have a trophy in a long time.

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