Kristen Bell just said that Frozen 3 is probably in the works. (Hopefully!)

Kristen Bell just said that Frozen 3 is probably in the works. (Hopefully!) ...

We all took six years to get a sequel to the 2013 Disney animated hit Frozen, but almost immediately after the show we learned Frozen 3, everyone became concerned. Especially since Disney seemed to suggest that it might happen by leaving the door open for a sequel. Anna and Kristen Bell, who had officially announced a third Frozen film during an interview on The Tonight Show, did not make a decision.

Bell, who is mother of 9-year-old Lincoln and 7-year-old Delta with husband Dax Shepard, answered a question from Tonight Show host Fallon about whether or not a third installment of Frozen is in the works.

Frozen 3, a star, was greeted by the audience with zero authority, before giving them a catch. Please bear in mind I did say zero authority, because I can''t [actually announce it], and I can''t do that I''m not in charge. So no official announcement.

Fallon, who is himself a mother to two daughters, couldn''t keep himself moving even further. But there might be something in the works, and perhaps something, he warned, at which point Bell gave more hope for a future Frozen 3. Well, you know, I''m I''ll keep it mysterious. I know Idina recently said she would do it, and I feel like if we''re all in, what is our waiting for?

Idina Menzel, Bell''s voice, has said in a recent interview with Shop Todays Jill Martin, that she might release a third Frozen film, but I do not know. Anytime I can play a blonde animated girl, who is, by the way, 15 who has fantastic arms, by the way, I love her.

Do you know who else loves Elsa? Everyone. Including Bells daughters, who hilariously made their mom dress as Elsa for Halloween in 2017.

Kristen Bell understands the need for more Frozen content more than most. She''s getting it on the homefront just like us.

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