At a Weapons-Filled Farm, Ezra Miller rents three young children and their mother

At a Weapons-Filled Farm, Ezra Miller rents three young children and their mother ...

Ezra Miller lives at their Vermont farm with a 25-year-old mother and her three small children. It''s a living arrangement that has left both the children''s father and two other people concerned about the situation.

More research and insights have been provided by two sources. Millers'' 96-acre Vermont farm is believed to be haunted by abandoned weapons, according to one source. A child picked up a stray bullet and placed it in her mouth.

The mother, who claims her identity is similar to that of her father, claims that Miller offered me peace after fleeing an abusive and abusive ex and helped me to establish a safe environment for my three very young children.

The mother claims to be a man-made crook.

Because of the safety and care Ezra has provided for them, [Ezras] home ranch has been a healing source for us. They may have guns for self-defense purposes, and they are kept in a part of the house that the children never leave.

The father of those three kids gave up his rage when he was vacationing in Hawaii and booked airline tickets so she and her three kids could visit their farm in Vermont. Since his three children returned, the father admitted to the point where he hasn''t asked Ezra for fear of a tragic event.

This is a very dangerous situation for anyone, with all of these guns around. If something happens to those children, things on the farm may easily get out of hand.

No one from the Ezra Millers team has yet to responded or comment on these allegations. As time goes on, these children will be at greater risk if they continue to visit the farm. As this will certainly result in a police investigation, none of the individuals mentioned in the Rolling Stone article intended to expose their identities.

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