HBO and HBO Max will release a new game in July 2022

HBO and HBO Max will release a new game in July 2022 ...

Each month, HBO Max distributes exciting new titles, and July is no different. Outside barbecues and beach days, the streamer will give us plenty to look forward to this month.

Nathan Fielder is returning to TV after completing a new season of his popular documentary The Rehearsal, which is exactly what it sounds like. Starting July 15, you may see him as a caregiver for some of their biggest life events.

The Rehearsaldrops series is now streaming on HBO. The wildly popular teen drama Pretty Little Liars, which started five years ago, but has already inspired several spinoff programs. The most recent, titled Pretty Little Liars: Original Sincomes, is based on Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, and follows a new generation of young adults, but still holds the hilarious character A. It starts July 28.

The next installment of HBO''sHouse Party film will be released on October 26. Tosin Cole, Jacob Latimore, Karen Obilom, and DC Young Fly will be released. A tour of the 90s favorite stars and a series of short clips starring two house cleaners who discover themselves freshening up only LeBron James'' house. Of course, they do what anyone in such a situation would do: throw a massive rager in the house. What could be wrong?

Wondering what else will be available on HBO and HBO Max in July 2022? Read on for a full list of shows and movies.

The Raid, 1989 (HBO) The Queen, 1968 (HBO) Love, 1970 (HBO) Love, 1971 (HBO) Love, 1975 (HBO) Love, 1971 (HBO) Love, 1973 (HBO) Love, 1973 (HBO) Love, 1977 (HBO) Love, 1976 (HBO) Love, 1997 (HBO) Love, 1977 (HBO) Love, 1980 (HBO) Love, 1977 (HBO) Love, 1977 (HBO) Love, 1977 (H

Sidewalk Stories from 2022 Before Midnight, 1989

Season 1 Premiere of Miss S, Max Original The Visitors, and Season 1 Premiere of Max Original

Fury Road, Mad Max, 2015

Limited Documentary Series Premiere (HBO) for The Anarchists

Season 3 premiere of Tuca & Bertie

Season 4C Premiere Edge of the Earth, Sports Documentary Series Premiere (HBO) The Bobs Burgers Movie, 2022 (HBO)

Season 2 Premiere Vote for Juan (Vota Juan), Season 1 Vote for Juan (Vamos Juan), Season 2 Vote for Juan (Venga Juan), Season 3 Premiere for Max Original.

Kung Fu, Season 2 Premiere The Rehearsal, Comedy Series Premiere (HBO)

Godzilla, 2014 (HBO)

Season 1 of Rat in the Kitchen Premiere

Season 1D Premiere of We Baby Bears

Pacto Brutal O Assassinato de Daniella Perex, Max Original Documentary Series Rap Sh!t, Max Original Season 1 Premiere The Last Movie Stars, Max Original 6-Part Documentary Premiere

Season 2 of Walker Premiere

Season 1A Premiere of Bugs Bunny Builders

We Met in Virtual Reality, the Original Documentary Premiere (HBO)

Citizen Ashe, Max Original Premiere Love Monster, Max Original Season 3 Premiere Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, Max Original Season 1 Premiere Wellington Paranormal, Season 4 Premiere

Season 2 Premiere of Superman & Lois The Milestone Generation, in 2022

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