After Southampton and Fulham's interest, a 20-year-old retires shortly after age 29

After Southampton and Fulham's interest, a 20-year-old retires shortly after age 29 ...

Martin Hinteregger has announced his resumption from football less than two years after Southampton and Fulham expressed an interest in the Eintracht Frankfurt strike, according to BuliNews.

If Hinteregger''s perfect appearance in the professional game is something to go by, the 29-year-old centre-back had plenty to offer.

With his slick, line-breaking passes, he defeated West Ham United in the Europa League semi-finals.

As of September 2020, Fulham were concerned about the then-20 million-rated Hinteregger (06/09, page 62).

According to Sky Sports, Southampton were on the lookout for the colossal, left-sided central defender at the time. Frankfurt, the same summer, even rejected an 18 million offer from an unnamed Premier League club (Frankfurter Rundschau).

The fact that one of the Bundesliga''s most comprehensive centre-halves will not be returning for 2022/23 has stowed the Frankfurters pre-season hopes.

Hinteregger admits that after helping Frankfurt win their first European championship since the 1980s, he might not resist stepping out in style, even if he missed the Mays penalty-shoot-out victory over the Rangers due to an untimely injury.

On the pitch, I was experiencing a shaky season. My performances were uneventful. No win made me feel as good as the first day, and every loss slowed twice as much.

My improved in the spring and our combined successes in the Europa League led me even more determined to win because I already knew it would be my final big victory with the fantastic supporters in this city.

With only incredible gratitude and joy, I''ll continue to feel close to the club and their supporters, and continue to support the team as a fan.

Hinteregger stowed out over 70 caps for the Austrian national team.

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