Devin Booker didn't punch Tristan Thompson at the Stassies party, he said

Devin Booker didn't punch Tristan Thompson at the Stassies party, he said ...

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker have reportedly agreed to split after two years of dating.

Kendall and Devin have been battling a rough patch recently, according to reports, and they have been separated for about a week and a half.

The insider claimed that the pair had a great time celebrating Kourtney Kardashians'' wedding in Italy, but the facts returned to normal.

Once they returned, they became aware that they had very different lifestyles, and the source continued, adding that they wanted space and time apart.

There is still hope that they will make things go as they have apparently been in contact, continue to care about each other, and hopes to make it work.

Several theories have spread on social media that Kendall contacted Devin following an altercation with Tristan Thompson, but theyre all fake news.

Devin didnt punch Tristan Thompson

Devin Booker punched Tristan Thompson during an Anastasia Stassie Karanikolaous birthday party, according to a bizarre theory.

Stassie, who is a long-time friend of Kylie Jenner, celebrated her 25th birthday party earlier this month, with a lot of smiling faces.

As a result of his recent rocky separation from Khloe, Kylie, Kendall, and Devin all played the game.

rumors have surfaced that Tristan left the event with a black eye, which was caused by a confrontation with Devin Booker following the party.

Further on, the story suggests that this is the reason why Kendall broke up with Devin, but none of it is true at all. In fact, it''s not a racist Reddit meme.

I refuse to believe the reports that Kendall Jenner smashed up with Devin Booker, because Booker provided Tristan Thompson a black eye

Its just a stupid Reddit prank

A mysterious Reddit user fabricated the whole theory to try and intimidate journalists, and it was incredibly effective.

A subreddit based on r/KUWTK came up with the idea to create a false rumour in order to see if the material will be removed from the media.

The Reddit thread was renamed Is there math mathing for anyone else? and consisted of photographs of them all at the party, as well as a description of the theory.

Their publication was a huge success, and within days, the fake story had gone viral on social media and was picked up by a few media outlets.

After making a complaint, the creator went to Reddit, claiming that to anyone seeing this article link, this was a false story that this community encouraged, indicating whether journalists would do their due diligence.

Devin Booker deserves my apologies. While promoting rumors of violence were unjustified, I only had to confess it. Not you and your life and relationships, however,

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Inside Kendall and Devins relationship

Kendall and Devin have broken up, but it has nothing to do with Tristan Thompson or the Stassies party.

In May 2018, the Kardashian sister was first linked with the NBA star when they were first seen hanging out in a large group together, but Kendall was still dating Ben Simmons.

Devin was spotted on a road trip to Sedona, Arizona, seeing Kylies'' ex-best friend Jordan Woods. After both relationships ended, Kendall began dating the basketball player.

A source toldUsin June 2020 that they were hooking up but that it was nothing serious. However, things didn''t turn out to be serious after all and they dated for just two years until June 2022.

They kept their relationship a little secret, but posted a few snaps of each other on Instagram on special occasions, like Valentines Day, Easter, and their anniversary, and the reality star was often seen at his games.

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