Mercedes Martinez Wants You To Live Your True Authentic Self With Her Pride Picks

Mercedes Martinez Wants You To Live Your True Authentic Self With Her Pride Picks ...

It''s Pride! Throughout June, HollywoodLifeis is launching The Sound Of Pride, a month-long feature where members of the LGBTQ+ community select songs that should be included on your Pride 2022 playlist. For today''s installment, independent wrestling legend Mercedes Martinez joins in to drop some classic tracks about embracing your true self, a message that holds a special place in her heart.


Mercedes'' name is a twenty-year veteran of an industry that hasn''t always been kind to women or to openly LGBTQ+ members. With stints in various industries, including Shimmer Women Athletes, World Wrestling Entertainment, Ring of Honor, and Impact Wrestling. Mercedes has established a reputation for excellence, and is now an active member of All Elite Wrestling. While there''s still plenty of work to be done, Mercedes strives to make her a pioneer, a leader, and an

She told Out Sports in 2021 that she would hide her queer self before her journey. Now, she is making up for the lost time. When asked if she had a Pride message she wanted to share, Mercedes tells HollywoodLife. You are VALID, and there is always a place for you. Self-love is self-acceptance. The world will always be here to support, assist, and love you in your journey.

Mercedes has picked a trio (and a bonus track) for The Sound of Pride in order to assist people on their journey.

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Lady Gaga, Born This Way

Mercedes: Dont hide yourself. Be your true self on what you feel inside regardless of what people see on the outside. We all have a certain way inside in our hearts, mind, and soul, not just the gender. Gender does not make us who we are meant to be. We are born this way to be our true selves.

Abba, Dancing Queen

I went to a drag club in NYC for a gay anthem. Makes you get off your seat so that the drags become the Queens that they are.

George Michael, Freedom! 90

It''s about manifesting your true self. Everyone struggles with personal identity, but getting to know who you are and what you love is what this song is all about.

Honorable Mention: Cyndi Lauper, True Colors

Forward is simple and straightforward. Always show your true colors. Show your true self. It''s an inspiring anthem in the community, and even if its not upbeat, its the words that matter in this song.

HollywoodLife: As we have talked about the whole year throughout, what is the history or attitude of Pride in 2022?

In times of uncertainty, the community is reuniting. PRIDE VIBE is a forum for friendship, healing, and love. In 2022, we all begin leaning on each other, and supporting each other in many ways. PRIDE VIBE is constantly empowering everyone to be true self and embrace each other for the challenges we in the community bring.

Pride Month is a time to express love to unsung heroes, so who wants to get mainstream recognition?

I like to see LGTBQ+ athletes gain higher recognition for PRDIE month, but all the time, year-round. I think we all need to see these athletes, whether they are pros, amateurs, in high school, etc, each have a story and faced a slumbery that many members of our community have and will endure. These athletes are a role model for many and demonstrate that being your true authentic self is the only way to be.

We are going to have a larger fight, and to be in the mainstream, [we must be] uplifting to all those who are involved in the same fight.

What are your intentions for Pride 2022?

Every year, my intentions are the same, but Ill keep pushing the point that PRIDE is all year long, not just a month.

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