Erin Doherty of Chloes was enthused in playing The Polar Opposite Of The Crowns Princess Anne

Erin Doherty of Chloes was enthused in playing The Polar Opposite Of The Crowns Princess Anne ...

Chloe is a new psychological thriller that follows Becky Green, who is enthused with stalking her childhood friend Chloe''s perfectly designed life on social media. When Becky suddenly died, Chloe decides to infiltrate the lives of those closest to Chloe to discover what happened. Becky discovers herself going deeper down the rabbit hole in her quest for answers.

EXCLUSIVELY, Erin Doherty talked about becoming a successful actress after two seasons as Princess Anne on The Crown. I felt so confident as an actor because I understand how many people are seeing me as a princess or whatever, according to Erin during the press junket. So when this came along, I was like, thank God. I get to just flex my muscles in this different way. Thats what I just discovered when I was able to play the polar opposite of Princess Anne.

Erin admitted that shed never saw a role like Becky before. Most of the depictions of people who become this obsessive in nature are usually done by men, so I think when it landed in my inbox, I was like, As if! Im being asked the opportunity to be a member of this group. I found human beings fascinating and being given the opportunity to explore that within a female psyche was a no-brainer. I just wanted to be involved in that.

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In a sense, Beckys is losing herself in this quest to learn about her previous friend. That taught me. It was spectacular and a rare experience because I think the theme of obsession lends itself to being completely submerged.

When Becky discovers the truth about Chloes, she revealed that nothing is off the table. Theres something that happens when you just lock on in a certain way that you just can''t let go, and that''s what''s happening with Becky. If she finds a moral reason to commit to something, she just will.

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The first season of Chloe will be full on June 24. Erin admitted that the show doesn''t tie things together well and that the chapters are closed. I feel like it is very rare that youre like, and thats what the show works very well. I think you definitely go on a journey with Becky in terms of her self-discovery and self-acceptance, and self-love, though you just begin to try and see herself a bit better and avoid seeing those aspects of herself that she doesn

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