Italian Spyware used for hacking Apple and Android phones is revealed by Google

Italian Spyware used for hacking Apple and Android phones is revealed by Google ...

In a report on Thursday, an Italian company using hacking tools to spy on Apple and Android smartphones in Italy and Kazakhstan.

According to the report, a Milan-based RCS Lab, which claims that European law enforcement agencies are partners, developed tools to spy on personal messages and contacts of the targeted devices.

Google''s findings on RCS Lab have come as European and American regulators look into possible fresh standards concerning the sale and import of spyware.

These vendors are enabling the proliferation of dangerous hacking tools and arming governments that would not be able to develop these capabilities inside. According to Google.

Apple and the governments of Italy and Kazakhstan did not respond immediately to requests for comment.

RCS Lab claims that its products and services comply with European regulations and aid law enforcement agencies in investigating crimes.

According to Reuters, RCS Lab employees are not exposed or participate in any activities conducted by relevant customers, and it is prohibited from participating in such activities.

Google claims to have taken steps to protect users of its Android operating system and alerted them about the spyware.

The worldwide equities are transforming the government in encrypting information. Anti-surveillance activists are blaming them of aiding governments that in some cases are using such tools to improve human rights and civil rights.

When NSOs Pegasus, a Israeli surveillance firm, found it to be having a host of governments to spy on journalists, activists, and others, the industry became under a global spotlight.

While the RCS Labs app may not be as stealthy as Pegasus, it may still read messages and view passwords, according to Bill Marczak, a security researcher at Citizen Lab.

Despite their widespread presence, there is still a long way to go before making them secure against these deadly attacks, according to the author.

RCS Lab, a company that provides legal interception services, including voice, data collection, and tracking systems, has posted on its website. Every day, it serves 10,000 intercepted targets in Europe alone.

RCS Lab had previously collaborated with Hacking Team, an Italian spy company that had similarly developed surveillance software for foreign governments to tap into phones and computers, according to Google researchers.

After being a victim of a massive hack in 2015, the hacking team was turned into a fraud, which resulted in extensive internal documents.

According to a senior researcher at Google, hackers using RCS spyware worked with the targets internet service provider.

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