What To Wear To A Concert: My Gen Z Boyfriend Styled Me & Wow

What To Wear To A Concert: My Gen Z Boyfriend Styled Me & Wow ...

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While my boyfriend and I have a five-year age gap, my boyfriend (23) and I (28) often see eye to eye. Nevertheless, when we were about to go out, he leans towards micro-minis and slinky Y2K sundresses on me, but I cannot seem to abandon an oversized blazer look.

My boyfriend (Lets call him Z) is an East Coast boy with a sense of style that is best described in his own words as functional, sleek, and classic, and evergreen with a slight edge.

I am a former New Yorker who just moved to Los Angeles in, and my style reflects a smattering of both directions. I try for effortless street-style style with a hint of glam (Im famous for pairing a white tank with a snakeskin boot), but I am not afraid to fall away from the occasional pop of color or experiment with a brief trend.

I decided to allow him to hold me for a R&B show during Memorial Day weekend to see what hed propose. Im open to changing my post-pandemic personal style in my new west coast home. Finally, if he chooses an outfit I dislike, I thought I might absolutely veto him. Z himself is not only in entertainment media, but in a very cool rock band in Brooklyn, so I was thrilled to hear his thoughts on what his concert model should be.

What My Boyfriend Chose

Before diving in, Z has a clear statement: "It''s important to pay attention to how you look" on anything, period. Z recommends a crop top that shows a significant amount of skin. The reason isnt to show you off to Tyler the Creator because he doesn''t want you, but most concerts are hot, packed, and sweaty, and you want to wear as little as possible while looking cute."

Z chose a black leather skirt to match the lighter crop top. They are durable, keep cool while looking cool, and give your skin room to breathe. Alternatively, leather is quick to deflect and not soak up the smell of persons rum and coke thats now all down my legs.

Z went with black chunky shoes to create the look. It will allow the audience to see and not be seen, but the skirt and top will do that, according to the sculptor. To accessorize, he added an athin choker to match with the leather skirt. Because of the patriarchy, you do not need a purse, therefore you need a fanny pack.

What I Would Have Picked

Im particularly interested in lingerie-inspired tops, whether it be a bra as a top or a corset cami. This summer, it is a fun summer challenge to try out and looks so good with the right bottoms. Id do a maybe sheer, but certainly lacy black bra as a top. It provides both comfort, sex appeal, and indicates enough skin to not overheat. An additional blazer is also optional.

Although the patriarchy would prefer me to have pockets, im prefering high-waisted semi baggy jeans here so I can forgo a bag. They can vary in color, but im opting for a bold and true blue denim to contrast with the textures of a gauzy top. I prefer a 90s dad jean, because I want enough space for my legs to still feel comfortable while trying to look like Hailey Bieber.

I select a chunky heeled ankle boot to finish the look off. Despite my Zs reasoning, a fine pop of colored shoes pull it all together while making a subtle statement. This means that the slight height, even at an incline, will be enough to last a few hours on the venue floor while giving you an advantage to watch the show. Dainty layered gold necklaces help in tying the outfit together without hindering any movement at the show, but otherwise a minimal amount of jewelry

Merit Bootie

I suppose that I would avoid Zs choices, but I must say, I didnt hate them. It''s fun to have a partner who can also serve as a co-creative director for my outfits, and it''s definitely something Im opening my mind to. I believe he will continue acting himself as a fashion connoisseur with another winning ensemble for our next joint event.

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