Dorit Kemsley of RHOBH claims Lisa Vanderpump denied her during a party

Dorit Kemsley of RHOBH claims Lisa Vanderpump denied her during a party ...

Dorit Kemsley of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills claims Lisa Vanderpump ignored her at a mutual friends party, further igniting their feud.

Kemsley, 45, doubled down on her claims that Vanderpump, 61, never reached out to her or her husband, Paul PK Kemsley, after she was robbed at gunpoint in their house on Wednesdays episode of Watch What Happens Live.

Ive heard a lot of things. I heard that she approached me and thought she was blocked, so you never knew what to believe, according to Dorit.

If we had received the message, we would have responded. I do not want to drag this LVP thing on, but three months, four months after the incident, we saw her. We were at a 70th birthday party with mutual friends.

Dorit said, after declaring Vanderpump never reached her or PK at the celebration, if you had sent a text message and you cared, please contact one of our staff and say, How did you do it? I sent you a text, but I didn''t hear back. Nothing.

Dorit went on to note that Vanderpump made a very horrified comment about how she didn''t recognize her at the party, insinuating Dorit had undergone plastic surgery. The June tweet has since been deleted.

I find it a bit confusing to believe that she did reach out when she said it, she concluded.

Dorit was able to collect three men in her room in October 2021, demanding she hand over money and jewelry. As she waited in London, Dorit asked the intruders to spare her and her two young children, Phoenix and Jagger.

Dorit called the police to report the incident. The majority of the RHOBH cast rushed to their co-stars side the next morning, offering their help while PK returned to California.

As Dorit battles with post-traumatic stress disorder and panic attacks, the aftermath of the home invasion has been one of the main highlights of the show this season.

Dorit went on to assert during a previous WWHL episode that she did not hear a word from Vanderpump. However, the restaurateur quickly shut down her previous co-star, going so far as to get a screenshot of the text she allegedly sent PK.

I reached out to PK! Vanderpump clarified the text, which said, im so sorry to hear what transpired happy that youre all was safe.

Page Six was later given the notice, which she wrote on October 30, three days after the theft, to prove her point.

We reported that the iMessage was marked after it had gone through, which means that it had been blocked, and no one was blocked when it was sent.

PK has been denied admission on Instagram.

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