Beyonce Breaks My Soul Mash-Ups by Azealia Banks

Beyonce Breaks My Soul Mash-Ups by Azealia Banks ...

Azealia Banks is arguably one of the most outspoken female rappers in the hip hop world. On the other hand, she is also well-known to be very judgmental and go after other musicians. Banks also dragged mash-ups of her songs along with Beyonce''s latest single.

Kanye West has a very interesting relationship with Banks. From wantinghim to make a baby into herto writing a very explicit song called F*ck All Night, which focuses on Kanye West, there is simply no telling what she will do next.

The rapper always makes sure to share her thoughts on the hip hop world. Beyonce received her first single in six years called Break My Soul, which has been a huge hit.

Several fans have made unofficial mash-ups between Beyonce''s latest record and a few Banks records. This includes a mash-up between Break My Soul and F*ck Him All Night. Banks took to her Instagram account and explained it clear she isn''t a fan of the mash-ups at all.

Mashups in Break My Soul AB are horrifying.

Azealia Banks is never one to scold her words, but she absolutely spoke her mind about this topic as well. This time, you can see what fans think.

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