While the family was inside Vince Carter's house, it was ruined

While the family was inside Vince Carter's house, it was ruined ...

Vince Carter was one of the most experienced players in the NBA during his long career. His trademark poster dunks made him one of the most famous stars of his time. Vince retired after the 2019-20 season and has since lived with his wife and two children.

Thieves penetrated Carters house and stole nearly $100,000, adding to the trauma of the incident on Fathers Day.

TMZ Sports obtained a police report from the Atlanta Department of Justice. It found that the suspects broke in at around 11:50 PM on June 19. Carters wife Sondi and her two sons were lying in bed at the time.

Sondi told police she heard people walking through her belongings in different rooms. An off-duty Atlanta cop was the first to arrive at Vince Carters'' home. He saw a man fleeing before getting into an SUV and flying away.

Additional officers arrived on the scene shortly after the front window of the property was broken. They discovered $16,100 in $100 payments scattered outside the house. Vince Carter said the money was limited to a small portion of $100,000 he had stashed in a closet. Two guns were also discovered outside.

A frightening break-in fortunately, nobody was injured. Police are still investigating and looking for suspects. It was a heartbreaking experience for Vince Carter''s family, and one of the most recent celebrity burglaries.

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