The fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is officially back

The fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is officially back ...

Jake Paul recommended Tommy Fury for once more being out of their scheduled game. Fury and Fury were scheduled to go out last December due to an injury. The fight was rescheduled, but Tommy did not sign on the dotted line to make it official.

Paul posted a fiery video yesterday giving Tommy Fury 24 hours to sign on for the match or lose out on his $2 million amount. Jake said he had done everything he could to accommodate Fury, including extra flights, hotel rooms, plane tickets, and a specific drug testing technique. Fury has answered that request, and the fight has gone viral.

This morning, Jake Paul posted a poster for the event and announced a public press conference. The fight will go down at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, August 6.

OK, people, he grew a set over the night. Its official, and im taking this little Furys head off.

At the Mecca of boxing, Amanda Serrano and I meet for a two-day main event.

This Wednesday June 29th at 11AM, there will be a press conference and a ticket on-sale.

Jake Paul seemed to believe that Tommy Fury would not be a contender. In the end, he found his druthers and will now face him in the ring. The match has been completed just a month later.

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