My YES That Makes me Hayfever

My YES That Makes me Hayfever ...

Balmonds Skin Salvation is a fantastic product for hay fever sufferers, and I received a deep, spiritual, negro sigh of relief. I have been a victim of hay fever since my childhood, and while I have tested every medication under the sun, nothing has worked. My hay fever doesnt only affect me during the spring months or peak hay fever season (usually between late March and September), it affects me all the year.

I, too, can predict when my nose tingling one or two days before the heavens open. Its from then that my allergies kick in and proceed to ruin my week. Still, the concept of making a new product that promises to alleviate my pain alleviation anxieties makes me happy. And perhaps even have a few nights in bed, hoping that it will work for me. Read on to discover why Balmonds Skin Salvation, which is also described as an excellent multi-purpose balm.

First Up: The Basics

Natalie Balmonds was able to make a cream for her daughter, Lula, who had severe eczema. When she couldnt tolerate over-the-counter or prescribed emollients on her very sensitive skin, Natalie savorted finding something that worked, and used old recipes for natural balms and ointments. In 2017, the Skin Salvation was launched.

Skin Salvation is rich in beeswax, chamomile, hempseed, and olive oil, all of which help soothe sensitive skin, as well as nourish skin. The salves soothing beeswax helps to reduce any redness or itchiness, and can be used anywhere in the body.

Skin Salvation is a skin barrier that blocks pollen from entering the nose. It involves applying a fine layer around the eyes and just into the nostrils, which prevents pollen from entering the bloodstream and triggering a histamine reaction. This is also a procedure that doctors recommend. Plus, the emollient helps soothe itchiness and promote the healing process.

I prefer applying the first thing in the morning after Ive shownered (and before I go outside), as well as at night before I go to bed. The balm can be applied as many times throughout the day for maximum effect.

Why Im Obsessed

I have tried this technique previously, but it hasn''t worked. However, im extremely pleased to discover that this toothpaste has not only addressed my sore and broken skin (from all my tissues I have linked my nostrils with), but also alleviated my allergy symptoms. While it does not eradicate my allergies completely, it does not reduce my allergy symptoms, which means that im no longer spending the day cleaning or trying to clear my blocked nose. It goes without saying that using this technique is particularly beneficial when combined with antihistamines,

Skin Salvation has been great for my allergy-induced eczema, which sometimes flares up during the summer months, as well as moisturising any dry skin after a shower. It''s not overly fragrant (obviously) and the balm is small enough to carry around with you if you do not leave the house, therefore you may use it on-the-go if necessary. Im not surprised this miracle balm has raving reviews and would highly recommend.


My hay fever symptoms were managed by the only way I knew how to use it: crying through it. I would walk around the house or wherever I was working constantly itching my nose, blowing my nose with tissue (to everyones disgust) and removing allergies. Now that I have been using Skin Salvation every day, my symptoms have decreased significantly, but im finally having the capacity to breathe. Its almost as though this product has given me, if I can be a little bit dramatic, a new lease of life.

I will note that while taking anti-histamine medications, you must be consistent with applying the balm. (Consistenency is critical.) And if your pollen day is particularly high, it is best to keep your skin protected throughout the day so you can keep yourself from being pollen buildup. I hope that other allergy and hay fever patients may reap the benefits.

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