Updates for For Honor 2.36.2 (For Honor) Patch Notes for June 23

Updates for For Honor 2.36.2 (For Honor) Patch Notes for June 23 ...

Update 2.36.2 for For Honor is a follow-up version that helps improve in areas that were recently updated with fresh information.

Following today''s server maintenance, gamers will have to wait a long time to download the new game.

For Honor Update 2.36.2 is expected to deliver around 75MB across both the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC platforms, making it a very minor launch.

As part of the new patch notes, fans will want to know what changes have been made today.

For Honor Patch Notes Confirmed For June 23

Today''s For Honor update is now available on all compatible platforms, with the aim of improvising the game across a variety of areas. As seen in the full patch notes, there are some significant modifications scheduled for today, June 23.

The full patch notes from Ubisoft are available for viewing below: Conqueror will be altered as part of the Todays For Honor update. Development confirming that players will need to closely monitor the condition of balance in the wake of these changes.

The Roadmap for June is stacked. Check out what we have in store this month! The 16th looks quite awful. pic.twitter.com/HbexTBNKc1




  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused rewards to not be granted after a match of Justice of Pharaohs when playing PvsAI Matchmaking OFF.

Here are a few more changes recently made to the Conqueror, explained by Ubisoft:

Conqueror was problematic in that the hero''s defense was very high, but outside of Shield Bash had no offense; we have focused on making the hero more functional in both 1v1 and group fight scenarios.

Conquerors Full Block Stance was difficult to use; it was only from some states, had a weak stamina when blocking, and gave Conqueror less Revenge while blocking attacks. Weve adjusted the move so that it may now be used as a recovery cancel to catch opponents performing dodge attacks, as well as gave it better follow-ups to use based on the situation (group fight or 1v1).

Flail Uppercut has changed its input through the Testing Grounds and now follows the Heavy button. It is now also available after performing Shield Bash (both from Dodge and in Chains) to give Conqueror a better followup to Shield Bashes, giving the hero greater opportunities to execute opponents and improved damage output in 1v1.

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