An Iconic Clueless Scene Has Been Recreated by Alicia Silverstone

An Iconic Clueless Scene Has Been Recreated by Alicia Silverstone ...

Alicia Silverstone is well-known for her social media outbursts to Clueless, a 1995 teen classic that had a recurring stream. She offered her long-time friend and fellow Clueless actor Paul Rudd a happy birthday by sharing footage of their characters Cher and Josh. Now, she has changed her mind, recreating one of the iconic scenes of the film: the disastrous date between Cher and Christian (Justin Walker).

Cher, a friend of Dionne (Stacey Dash) sent her a cookie dough into the oven, resulting in a sweet treat that she has added to her house.

Christian asks her: Is something burning? Which causes Cher to travel to the kitchen, only to discover the charred goods. Christian then blesses us with the iconic line: Aw, honey, you baked. Coincidentally, Silverstone and Siriano have a habit of recreating iconic Clueless scenes.

Silverstone sat down with Vogue to discuss some of the film''s classic looks and revealed that the project almost never made it to the screen. It seemed that nobody was going to see it, as it was about a young girl.

Mona May, the costume designer, talked to Tatler to discuss Cher''s famous yellow plaid suit. May explained. When she came across plaid, she said, "What do you recommend?" Cher bought Dolce, but she decided to choose blue and red before picking the yellow option. We were all like, yes! This is it. She''s the queen, according to May.

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