Amber and Ikennas are being dumped from Love Island on Twitter

Amber and Ikennas are being dumped from Love Island on Twitter ...

Are all shows fair in love and war? Yes, in the Love Island villa, original Islanders were forced to pack their bags and leave, although they became the latest to be voted off by the public, despite admitting that their partners Dami Hope and Indiyah Polack were given the same experience once more. However, supporters were quick to wonder the outcome of the vote, highlighting how the show still has a concern about diversity.

One Twitter user said the points should be fixed for Dami and Indiyah, while another said it''s funny how the girls said Amber was one of the Villa''s biggest personalities yet she was dead boring and rude. shows how the program is created to make certain people look bad.

There was also additional concern over Beckford''s departure and Ekwonna, which meant that three Black contestants had been removed from the show in just one week. According to the Sun, this has sparked a second race row for the show, following the first episode where Beckford, Ekwonna, Hope, and Polack (the only Black contestants) were all joined together by the public vote.

Many fans were surprised by Hope and Polack''s ability to chat with each other the following day. Ekwonnas'' Twitter account, which was still run by family and friends during the last nights show, tweeted, NAH WHAT MY CORPSE AINTEVEN COLD YET INDIYAHHHHH. And honestly hes not wrong.

So, here are some of the best reactions to the latest Love Island dumping.

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