22 Expert Eyeliner Tips for Hooded Eyes

22 Expert Eyeliner Tips for Hooded Eyes ...

While it''s a smorgasbord of tricks on TikTok, mastering winged eyeliner is really a challenge. When you''re struggling to see the eyelid, all my wonderful work blending eyeshadows and eyelining is basically hidden whenever my eyes are open. (Of course, she still hates eye makeup because nothing will hinder her from getting dolled up.) Instead, she has simply changed up her approach.

Hooded eyes may range from slightly hooded to very hooded, where almost all of the mobile lid (the component of your eyelid that moves) is covered. On top of that, hooded eyes may also be a result of the natural aging process or a lack of tiredness.

One of the most challenging things to get involved with this is the eyeliner, because depending on how bright your eyes are, it may drastically alter the way your face will look. If it isn''t done properly, it can either disappear or look more dramatic than you initially intended.

Erika La Pearl, Min Min Ma, Kim Baker, and Jamie Dorman, both makeup artists, present game-changing eyeliner suggestions for hooded eyes.

1.Find The Ideal Eyeliner

Consider the ideal eyeliner before and after you select a product that works for you. It can dramatically speed up the application process and make you look flawless at the same time. For example, a eyeliner pencil may be your best bet.

I like that they are smooth and supportive, while others stay stable. La Pearl is one of the artist behind Cardi Bs'' makeup choices. Her go-tos for hooded eyes include the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil and Be a 10 Be Magnetic Eyeliner.

2.Focus On The Outer Corner

When it comes to wearing eyeliner, focus on the outside corner of your eyes. Using eyeliner or a dark-colored eyeshadow will make hooded eyes look wider and bigger, which helps conceal the hoodedness. Taking advantage of it will also help to enact the effect of having liner on all of your lid, even if you have only applied it to the outer corner.

3.Apply Eyeliner To The Upper Waterline

One of the difficulties with hooded eyes is the lack of eyelid space that is visible once you open your eyes. Instead, you can apply your liner to the upper waterline, which is used to tightlining. However, this technique requires a waterproof pencil liner, as liquid in your eye can be a large (or painful) mess.

Tightlining will aid in making your lashes appear thicker and fuller. You may also gently feather an eyeliner pencil through your lashes to increase the effect.

4.Only Line Half (Or A Third) Of Your Eyelid

The entire length of your eyelid can completely mask your eyes. While lining from the outer corner is effective, it is possible to carefully tape inside only about a third or half of the way. This is a great technique to get a winged eyeliner look, as long as you have the wing intact.

5.Use Gel Eyeliner For Wings

If your wings are completely dry, it is important to have a perfect one, especially if its done without the help of a beauty tape. Liquid liner is a popular option for this, as it will provide you with the best control and a smooth line. However, liquid eyeliner might leave you with unnecessary smudges in places you weren''t expecting.

Gel is a good alternative for liquid, but it will still provide you the space you need to make the wing the same size as the liquid liner, thus you won''t have to worry about having to touch up your makeup throughout the day. Pat McGrath PermaGel Eyeliner Pencil.

However, if you have hooded eyes and are partial to a liquid liner, here''s why, according to Baker, the founder of Glamazon Beauty. It''s best to keep your eyes closed after a few treatments and drying one at a time, which is a small amount to pay to achieve an extraordinary appearance.

6.Create An Elongated Wing

When it comes to creating a wing on your eyes, it can be tedious to make the perfect triangle and align it with the rest of your lid. However, when you have hooded eyes, this technique is quite complicated, but it does not mean a wing cant be done. In fact, a wing can give an excellent eye-opening effect.

Instead of a small flick where the majority of the liner is on the lid, extend it so that the wing can be seen when the eye is open and most of the dramatic effect is away from the lid. Always make sure the wing points upward rather than down.

7.Avoid The Lower Lid

This is rather a preference, but the lower lashline''s eyeliner reduces the likelihood of making your eyes more droopy and closed. Although there''s nothing wrong with lining the bottom of your lid so that it looks subtle and beautiful, focusing on the upper eye will result in fuller-looking eyes.

8.Use Eyelid Tape Or Glue

If you are really lacking the time to use certain methods, use some eyelid tape or glue, which will temporarily open up your eyes in a pinch. Michelle Phan, a beauty blogger, has a fantastic step-by-step method to using eyelid tape or glue. Using a tape like Koji Eye Talk Double Eyelid Maker will temporarily create a new crease, making your lids more visible, which will allow you to do your makeup as soon as possible.

Taking eyelid tape for long periods (or daily) may be a good idea, but the skin on and above your eyes is very sensitive and sensitive, so using tape or glue in this area can have negative effects, like making your eyes even more hooded.

9.Keep The Eyeliner Close To The Lash Line

10.Use A Primer

11.Use A Tiny Brush

Make sure you nab a small eyeliner brush for excellent execution, according to the pro.

12.Consider an Eyeliner Color That Isn''t Black

13.Dont Be Afraid To Add More

Ma recommends avoiding getting the line a little thinner than the other eyeliner. To make this happen, she recommends using your mirror and keeping the desired shape and thickness. To achieve this, she recommends using a combination of Jane Iredales'' Bent Liner Brush and Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner.

14.Give Your Eyelashes Some Extra TLC

Ma says the most important thing to focus attention is to give attention to your lashes. Apply two to three layers of mascara to make the mascara as close as possible. Don''t forget to give a nice curl and prime the lashes before the mascara.

15.Try A Reverse Smoky Eye

Baker advises that the reverse smoky liner is the ideal matte black eyeshadow [for] the sexiest, smoked-out liner.

16.Know That Less Is Sometimes Best

Baker prefers to use the invisible eyeliner technique, which involves directly applying eyeliner (preferably a liquid eyeliner with a pointed felt tip, like Glamazon Beautys Flawless Gel Liner Pen) on the upper lash line and then applying the blackest of black mascaras. I personally enjoy this classic look; it''s always a slam dunk for day or night.

17.Gradually Increase Liner Size

Dorman suggests a smaller eyeliner increase in size as you draw it on. She says she starts off thin along the first two-thirds of the eyelid and then add thickness as you move towards the outer corner. Begin it with an upward flick. Even if you don''t want a dramatic wing, a small flick will assist lift the eyes.

When the liner is heavier, it will draw attention. Make sure that if you want a lifted look, the liner is thinner on the outer part of the eye. It will result in a more round effect on the eye rather than a lifted look.

18.Try A Thickening Mascara

Dorman explains that applying your mascara with a thickening mascara will help fill in dark spots and keep your lines looking smooth, which is vital if youre seeking a clarification.

If your eye shape prevents a cohesive line when the eye is open, you will need to create your liner shape on your visible lid and connect it to the line around the rim of the eye. Make sure there are no gaps between the liner and the space between your lashes.

19.Look Straight Ahead In The Mirror

While this may seem like a no-brainer, it is particularly important for those who have hooded eyes to ensure they are looking straight ahead in the mirror when wearing makeup, according to Dorman. Because people you meet will see you with your eyes open, you must know what they will be seeing when they look at you.

Opt For A Matte Eyeliner That Wont Transfer

Finishes are a matter of preference, but if you have hooded eyes, you may want to look more matte than glossy if you want them to remain on. Matte finishes are less likely to transfer and someone with hooded eyes will want to consider what finish will wear the longest without imprinting onto the upper lid.

She recommends a long-wearing formula like the Westmore Beauty Wing Effects Liquid Eyeliner.

21.Use Oil-Blotting Sheets

You''ll want to keep your eyelid properly before installing any primer and makeup on to ensure no transfer is required. That''s where oil-blotting sheets come in. I recommend blotting the eyelids with oil-blotting sheets to keep moisture on the skin from moving the liner, according to Dorman. You may also want to dust a layer of translucent powder over lids to prevent transfer throughout the day.

22.Take Your Time

Katie Jane Hughs, a makeup artist, shared a helpful step-by-step tutorial on IG. She advises using gentle pressure and slowly and gently.

This article was originally published on June 18, 2015; it was then published.

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