The Final Fantasy of The Summer I Was Turning Pretty Book Is An Emotional Rollercoaster

The Final Fantasy of The Summer I Was Turning Pretty Book Is An Emotional Rollercoaster ...

Jenny Han, the author of the popular YA novel, has a new series out now. Its based on the first book in the Hans trilogy of the same name, and it is now available on Prime Video. If you need a quick download on the books first, then don''t worry! The Summer I Turned Pretty is a sequel to The Summer I Turned Pretty, and you can follow it with some key spoilers.

How Does The Summer I Turned Pretty Book End?

Isabel "Belly" Conklin (Lola Tung) spends three terrible summers at Cousins Beach, accompanied by her mother, Laurel (Jackie Chung), and her older brother, Steven (Sean Kaufman). Both at Cousins, the Conklins spend years enquiring for Conrad, but they both see her as Steven''s little sister, rather than a potential romantic partner. That''s why Belly turns 16 and suddenly alerts both

Steven foregos the beach to visit future colleges in that summer, leaving his sister and Susannahs sons to indulge in entertaining themselves without him. Conrad and Jeremiah immediately notice how much Belly has grown up, as does another vacationer, Cam (David Iacono).

After Cam becomes the first boy to tell Belly that she is beautiful, the two pursue a summer romance, thanks to Conrad and Jeremiah. Every time Belly and Cam arrive for a romantic encounter, they will confront each other in an awkward moment, putting him in a pinch. Eventually, Cam realizes that he is more into Belly than Belly is to him. He then breaks up with her, leaving Belly free to pursue her crush again.

Conrad''s behavior gives Jeremiah an opening to tell Belly about her feeling: Jeremiah believes she would make a better boyfriend than his older brother, but his ambition only drives Belly towards Conrad.

When she finally confesses to Conrad, Belly rejects him, and Jeremiah confronts him, resulting in a fight between her two brothers.

As Belly and Conrad get cozy through the winter, Laurel and Susannah have been making fun of all sorts of things this summer. However, no one told Belly until this spectacular moment.

What Happens In Its Not Summer Without You?

The Fishers and Conklins get their first glimpse into the sequel a few months after The Summer I Turned Pretty. Belly and Conrad reluctantly escorted Susannah to prom more than for her herself. It became even more difficult to see why Susannah died in the late spring, as her vacation home at Cousins Beach became a memorial for her friends and relatives. In the midst of this tragic affair, Belly discovered Conrad in the beach house basement with another girl his ex, Aubrey

Belly hasn''t seen the last of the Fisher boys yet. Jeremiah in July tells her that Conrad is missing; Jeremiah wants Belly to go on a summer trip to find him. She makes up a cover story to tell her mother and visits Conrad''s college campus with Jeremiah.

Conrad has put his academic career at jeopardy by going to the beach house before his summer-term exams. Belly and Jeremiah have decided to go to Cousins Beach for him.

Conrad isn''t happy to see them, and he isn''t afraid to be interested in going back to school. He isn''t letting the property go without a fight. He sends the real-estate agent in charge of the sale, prompting his father to visit him.

Jeremiah and Conrad embark on a party to make their last night at their mothers vacation home a memorable one. When they try to go swimming late at night, Belly apologizes to Conrad, but gets a little upset. When he does not try to rekindle their friendship, Belly is left drunk and heartbroken.

Jeremiah is still dealing with his feelings for Belly, including her growing resentment about choosing his older brother over him. He confronts Conrad, demanding to know if he still likes Belly, and declaring his own attachment to her. Conrad also discovers his brother that he would never have attended Bellys prom if she hadnt asked him to attend.

Belly apologizes immediately and agrees to do everything she can to convince Mr. Fisher not to sell Susannahs'' vacation home. When Laurel arrives in Cousins the morning after the party, she learns to get rid of her mother and daughter. Belly replies, saying, "It''s terrible."

Conrad must return to school and take exams with Belly and Jeremiah and everything is starting to be back to normal until Conrad discovers the two kissing.

He rips off, but refuses to admit that he still has feelings for Belly even after confronting him. Instead, Conrad tells her that she should be with his brother, saying, Go to Jeremiah. He is the one who wants you.... I am not. I never met.

Conrad admits that he lied before traveling back to Bellys house, presumably because he believes Belly isn''t awake to hear him! but in the morning, when the older Fisher brother returns to the beach house with a friend, Belly realizes that Conrad is never going to be the man she needs him to be. From the book:

As Jeremiah drives Belly home, the film closes. She takes his hand, and he doesn''t let go.

What Happens In Well Always Have Summer?

If you thought Its Not Summer Without You was an emotional roller coaster, then wait until you hear about the final novel in the trilogy, and you will always have a good time.

This time around, Bellys has completed her first year in college, but she and Jeremiah have met for two years now, dating temporarily before Spring Break. They both got together as soon as the break ended; however, things don''t go smoothly for a long time.

Belly discovers that Jeremiah slept with someone else while they were broken up, which she believes is cheating. It''s a classic We were on a break! moment, and she tells Jeremiah its over between them. However, she does not have a chance to tell him before Jeremiah receives a surprise proposal on her diamond ring and all. After making him promise never to hurt her again, Belly removes her fear of his brother and accepts to marry Jeremia

Belly departs her moms place and into the house at Cousins Beach, where Conrad plans to travel for the summer. He works behind the scenes to assist Belly patch things up with Laurel, who still opposes her wedding. All the while, Belly''s fiance becomes more epoch about spending time with his brother.

Conrad hasn''t let Belly know that he still loves her, but as the wedding draws closer, keeping his cool becomes more difficult. Finally, when he hears Jeremiah''s Spring Break fling, he confesses to Belly that he is still in love with her. Now, knowing that his brother has been unfaithful, Conrad is asking her to cancel the wedding.

It''s too little, too late for Belly, who has spent weeks planning to marry one brother while contemplating the other. While she refuses to reveal facts about Jeremiah and even told him about his brothers'' confessions, Belly finds herself constantly chastised about her position. She has taken a risk of damaging her relationship with the other.

Jeremiah is still trying to reconcile his feelings for Belly with her sister when the day comes to an end. Conrad joins him, and Jeremiah is able to save Conrad from his and Bellys life.

Belly remembers that Jeremiah has gone AWOL. Conrad expresses his goodbyes and tells her: "I need you to know that no matter what happens, it was worth it to me." Being with him, loving you. It was all worth it. He departs, and Belly realizes that knowing hes let her go feels like mourning.

When Jeremiah returns, he refuses to say why he left in the first place. He tells Belly that he always felt like she was her second choice, and asks her point-blank if she is still in love with Conrad. From the novel:

They pay off the wedding, but a bitter Jeremiah rents an apartment with a friend. She spends her junior year in Spain, where she starts receiving letters from Conrad, and after receiving them for some time.

When Belly finishes her novel, she and Conrad take a break from dance to Stay by Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs. They wade into the ocean, the same one they grew up playing in. Jeremiah attends the happy couple, with his own arm on his arm.

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