While inJail, Jussie Smollett claims she never saw her father in her life

While inJail, Jussie Smollett claims she never saw her father in her life ...

In a new interview on SiriusXMsSway in the Morning, Jussie Smollett talked about his controversial court case, the subsequent prison time, and more. After talking about the entire process, the actor talked about the process, he was found guilty of lying to the Chicago police about an alleged hate crime before being sentenced to 150 days in prison. After serving a little over six days, Smollett was released from Cook County jail pending appeal.

God, my wife, and I ate for six and a half days. I ate for six and a half days, according to Sway Calloway, after being asked how he maintained himself through jail time.

I was praying for lent, but my lawyer said he was lying when he said, "I wasn''t fasting for lent," because that''s what we do in my family. So when they said that I was getting out, what I was doing was, I just wanted to know how long I had been waiting for those five and a half months. I just wanted to know how much my life was going through, and I had been waiting for them. So, being inside bars, I fasted for six and

During the interview, the formerEmpirestar spoke about his real-life relationship with his on-screen mother, Taraji P. Henson, and her constant support.

I met Taraji the day before yesterday in Atlanta. That is my heart, according to Smollett. It''s unquestionable how much I love her, and she is always just, I just, I just love her. Yes, I talk to her at, I mean, we talk daily. That''s my girl.

He shared with Calloway how he currently feels.

So, my spirit is so much in a season of gratitude. Like my, I have never felt more, clear, I have never felt more sober. I hope that people understand how to do things properly, but they will. So, yeah, I know, I am still, you know, still dealing with things, you know, having to, you know, and im not shy to say that I am in therapy, because there are so many things you must know about yourself, not only because you need to, but also to be capable of

Watch Jussie Smolletts'' full interview on SiriusXMs Sway in the Morning below.

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