Bridgerton-Chic is Bella Hadid's White Corset

Bridgerton-Chic is Bella Hadid's White Corset ...

Regencycore is coming back. Bella Hadid hosted a masquerade soiree to commemorate Luiz Mattos, the Vice President of IMG, and the aesthetic of corsets, pearl jewelry, hyperfemininity, and hathy accessories.

On Monday''s birthday masquerade, the model dressed in a full Bridgerton-style white leather corset and a matching pencil skirt. The structured boning of the corset was offset by a smattering of gray paint stains, which gave the ensemble an arty-cool vibe.

Hadid, rather than going strapless, was shown a peek-a-boo moment, showing off a black, lace bra for a stunning Bridgerton Boob moment. From there, Hadid was accessorized with a lace eye mask, a matching arm cuff, and a patent leather Chanel wristlet with a corsage-style flower.

The finishing touches (read: pearl drop earrings and black fishnet tights) provided two very different aesthetics, but worked seamlessly. These features, along with Hadids'' smoky-eye, blunt-cut bangs, and high pony, made for an edgier appearance.

The model loves a corseted look, having worn a similar outfit to the 2022 Met Gala. Hadids'' gothic look included a leather corset, lace leggings, and a chiffon skirt, both accessorized with pearl drop earrings and anklet.

TLDR: Every time, a girl polishes this aesthetic.

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