Ms Marvel's Noor Dimension and whether or not it exists are explained in this article

Ms Marvel's Noor Dimension and whether or not it exists are explained in this article ...

The MCU continues to expand on the small screen, and recent efforts such as Moon Knight have proven to be unlike anything that happened before it.

Ms Marvel, the latest series from Bisha K Ali, with Iman Vellani playing Kamala Khan in the titular role, was welcomed back to the theater after seeing Oscar Isaacs'' debut in the cinematic world.

The movie, which premiered on Disney+ on Wednesday, June 8, 2022, is a model of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who is set to star in the next film The Marvels.

Episode 3 has given us a lot to digest, including the mention of a new dimension. Let''s get everyone up to speed, revealing the Noor Dimension in Marvel.

The Noor Dimension in Ms Marvel explained

In episode 3, entitled Destined Najma, she exposes herself, her peers, and even Kamala''s great-grandmother, Aisha, to Noor, which is a different medium.

Djinn, a mythical creature from folklore, is housed in Noor. While they can be good, they can also be demonic in nature. Kamalas father teaches them that Djinn can be called The Clandestine.

Djinn''s blood flows through Kamala as a descendant of the species, and she is able to harness the bangles power, with the jewellery serving as a nod to the magic rings that made a difference to Shang-Chi''s plot.

As the season unravels, more is expected to be revealed in regards to the Noor, and audiences will be left to wonder why the aforementioned characters were eliminated from the context and left on Earth for decades.

Let''s look at what comics can tell you.

Is Noor taken from Marvel Comics?

No, Marvel Comics understands the Noor Dimension as a whole, and it was introduced for Mrs Marvel.

However, Games Radar claims the idea of The Clandestine may be used as a reference to Clan Destine of Marvel Comics history. In 1994, the Clan Destine consisted of a group of superheroes who were ushered in by Marvel Comics Presents.

As they all have a daughter of Adam and Elalyth, the two are descendants of her. It remains to be seen if Marvel will pull from this lore further or has simply revamped this as a nod to comics enthusiasts.

#MsMarvel Kree The Ten Rings Noor Dimension Clandestines This new version of her story is interesting.

How many episodes are left?

Ms Marvel is a series of six series, which you may see in the rest of the schedule here:

Ms Marvel is now available on Disney+.

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