Lindsey Granger of Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg School for Comparing Nixon to Trump: It's Because Since Then, Weve Don't Be Here

Lindsey Granger of Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg School for Comparing Nixon to Trump: It's Because S ...

The View hat somehow improved President Nixon''s appearance this morning by stacking him up against former President Donald Trump, who is currently in the midst of a series of committee hearings about the January 6, 2021 disaster. During a conversation about the hearings, which have revealed that Trump attempted to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, the Viewpanel argued that Trump''s chances of being pardoned were denied.

Sunny Hostin said she wonders about a pocket pardon for Trump or his children advising the panel that she believes Trump is above the law guest co-host, and that she was hesitant to respond to these hearings. She added that the hearings both have two sides.

Granger added that on what she believes is the opposite side, this is putting you off for all criminal investigations and civil investigations. Here''s the case for you, so as you defend yourself, know exactly what you''re going to say, get rid of documents and this is not good behavior that I condone at all.

Joy Behar has been pushed back, arguing that it''s too late due to the fact that such documents have already been released. It''s right in your face, this case, she said.

Hostin agreed, pointing out that the case has been prepared and presented so it does not appear like a political prosecution.

Granger wasn''t so convinced. In the past, we pardoned Nixon for similar actions, but her claim was never followed up by the panel, which immediately pushed back. Since then, Behar agreed, saying, there''s a real difference between now and then.

First of all, Nixon did not have MAGA mobs threatening people. He didnt have that. This is a big difference. And the republicans at the time were all against him. This is quite different.

Granger insisted that I do not want to make a decision that would be beneficial to the country, but Goldberg and Behar were not affected.

Not doing this would be detrimental to the country, according to Goldberg, adding that if this does not happen, we were in deep doo-doo, putting the remainder of the discussion in mind before turning to commercial.

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