Betty Reintroduces Music and Herself as a Single

Betty Reintroduces Music and Herself as a Single ...

In the middle of a busy day down Fifth Avenue in New York City, tourists, finance managers, and personal assistants act together. This day, Betty Who is slain out in the crowd. She''s ecstatic, with chunky silver jewelry, sunnies, her signature platinum blonde locks, and an electric blue half-sleeve shirt so bright it outplays the sky. She''s just waving out! I''m sure she''ll be delighted by the fact that she''s unluck

Betty Who, or Jess, reveals why she was so amped after going to a Tonys afterparty over the weekend. He''s the first one on the dance floor, and everybody else''s likes, isn''t he? I get the dancefloor started, and she says, because the four cramped walls around her simply wouldn''t allow her to shine. It''s probably the right call. In the end, she wants herself to fit into a box.

Newham''s previous career has been a transformative process of making and acquiring space not only as a performer, but as a woman, wife, and friend who comes before the spotlight. After dropping I Remember, in 2019, Newham took a break from releasing new music altogether. During that time, she married photographer Zak Cassar and played in the HBO Max film Unpregnantand spent many hours realizing things (Thank you, Kylie Jenner, she quips) before turning 30

I can be myself. And that is enough.

The epidemic provided the necessary, if sudden, effort to reconnect with herself that she had not experienced in years. There were also typical visits to homemaking and hobbiesNewham, a self-professedGreat British Bake Offsuperfan, fell in love with baking and nailed down the shows flaky Portuguese custard tarts and pasteis de natabut mostly. There were also other, existential issues to address. I wasnt sure what I would have had without this thing for ten years?

Newham, who was introduced to fame after a viral video of a gay couple, has released a steady set of singles, EPs, and albums between tours around the world. In truth, it is a habit that requires you to be aware of the present, and it gives you an advantage. When youre constantly approaching the next thing, you will always be dissatisfied. So, when you''re constantly looking for the outcome, you''re still going to be dissatisfied.

Often, staying present looks like slowing down to eat in fun stuffhello, baked pastries, and afterparties! but for Newham, it also means getting herself exactly where she is, without judgement. Im not having to feel guilt. It just does not make me feel sorry. So what does this mean?

I have just felt like I''ve been doing dress-up in a womens society for the whole time.

Newham admits that she always wants feathers to be embedded to my head in true Libra fashion (later, Newham confirms she is a Virgo Moon and Sagittarius Rising.) It''s just trying to establish the balance between the glitz and the glamor, while still living my truth and being the person I am presently living. At this stage in her career, Newham is opting for more of the latter, trading sequins for jeans. I can do less, she says.

Newham, who is six-foot-two, is still developing new ways to challenge tall queens in a way that works for her. I spent my entire career looking around at my peers and idolswomen who are five-foot-four and 100 pounds, knowing I cannot look like them, she shares. Instead of trying to pretend like Im, I must be a person.

The key is mens clothes, Newham explains. I''ve just felt like I''ve been doing dress-up in a womens world my whole life. Now, I focus on what makes me feel really cool and really comfortable. And the way that people respond to me is so interesting. Ladies, I''m so thankful for everything you do here!

The next episode of Newhams highlights this change in style as a musician and host of a new Prime Video dating series, The One That Got Away. No matter the response, but she insists, she will have a positive experience on the show. Every time she sees her, she says, she believes that whatever she does, she will make me feel at ease. So, when she sees me, she notices that she enjoys working on it.

The album, Blow Out My Candle, is launching inward for fans by the end of 2022. While the title track represents Newham''s new vulnerability, she insists that the rest of the songs on it dive even deeper. Nine times out of ten, I am emotional.

It''s entirely okay to change your mind.

Newham continues to say that if she wants to try and make people feel comfortable and comfortable, she must be the most comfortable person on stage, as long as she feels comfortable. Although it took Newham much of her career to realize that open-book art is more than just her. She isn''t planning on letting it go.

Newham hopes that its members of the LGBTQ+ community can have the same freedom to be exactly who they are without limitations. Give yourself some grace. Know that it is absolutely okay to change your mind one day and another one day. At the end of the day, she says, that is your right.

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