After WWE's release, Greg Hardy is waiting for a call

After WWE's release, Greg Hardy is waiting for a call ...

While in the midst of a three-match losing streak, Greg Hardy has been released by UFC. Hardy has also shown interest in diving his toes into professional wrestling.

Hardy recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet about his potential in the squared circle. If he gets a call from AEW or WWE, he would go all in. He said he would like to get the call so he might demonstrate showmanship.

Somebody hit me up, AEW, WWE, and I''m down. I''ll get in the gym right now. Ill show up with the Monday night muscles and jump off the rope on anyone. Ill get one of these Rey Mysterio masks out. You have to have showmanship, or like Goldust, something crazy. It must be entertainment level stuff.

If you get caught up with tights on and have a six-pack, you should be an old school fan. Im always interested in getting in there. Im waiting for a phone call. If you know someone who is watching this right now, please contact me and let me know.

Due to his clumsy past, Greg Hardy might face a huge obstacle. Vince McMahon or Tony Khan may be deposed from taking a chance. Hardy has a background in domestic violence and drog use.

Despite his character concerns, some promoters are willing to give Greg Hardy a shot. Hardy is waiting to hear from one of the biggest wrestling companies. Fans will have to wait and see if that call ever comes.

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