Billie Eilish Was a Coachella Devotee in a Backup Dancer

Billie Eilish Was a Coachella Devotee in a Backup Dancer ...

Billie Eilish is certainly one of the most attention-grabbing singers in the music industry right now. The music sensations songs have been chart-toppers for a long time now. Even if she''s only for a day, she''s ready to go to any lengths to keep her safe.

The Happier Than Ever singer admitted during her appearance on Apple Music 1 that she utilized one of her backup dancers as a decoy while staying at Coachella this year. Eilish talked about her body double and said nobody knew it was her.

Because at Coachella, I had a body double, one of my dancers, which was one of my dancers for the program. I dressed her up in a show look that I had never worn before. We put buns in it, gave her a mask and sunglasses, and she wore my shoes and socks.

I put her up on the back of the stage and she stood there while the lights went on and everybody believed it was me. And there were literally nobody who knew it was me, literally nobody knew it. And while she is up there, I put on a large black coat, a traffic vest, and a hood, and just glasses.

During her performance on June 7 at the AO Arena in Manchester, England, the singer talked about shocking her fans with the new song TV, which has not yet been officially published. Eilish discovered a version of the song while experiencing airline delays and decided to include it in her live performance.

She is happy with her recording career, but she misses having the ability to release a single whenever she wants. For this reason, she played TV at her Manchester performance. Check out the Matt Wilkinson Show below.

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