The first official House of the Dragon Merchandise Drop features dragon designs and a potential Dornish Retcon

The first official House of the Dragon Merchandise Drop features dragon designs and a potential Dorn ...

Happy Birthday, dear friends of Game of Thrones fans! WB Shops first major House of the Dragon merch drop gets commemorated. Right. There are now a variety of t-shirts, bomber jackets, raglan tees, laptop cases, posters, tote bags, mouse pads, iPhone cases, mugs, and more(!) that all commemorate a show that wont premiere on HBO and HBO Max until Sunday, August 21.

As a result of Warner Brothers'' big day of the Dragon merchandise drop, fans of the ASOIAF have a first look at what some of House of the Dragons much-hyped dragons will look like (as well as confirmation that Paddy Considines Viserys I will not be wearing Aegon the Conquerors crown and it will be a whole thing).

The first wave of House of the Dragon merchandise has a number of different features. There are designs that commemorate the holiday itself, as well as capsule collections riffing on various themes, including a Dragon Eye, Viseryss'' aforementioned crown, and the quote, Dreams Didnt Make Us Kings, Dragons Did.

All of these shirts, jackets, and laptop designs reveal in House of the Dragon, but what do they reveal?

First of all, Syrax, Princess Rhaenyras (Milly Alcott as a child, Emma DArcy as an adult) mount will indeed be bright golden yellow! Yup, Im pretty darn sure thats Syrax, yall!

Syrax make a comeback on the front of this bomber jacket, while its unclear who the black and red dragon on the back is. It looks like Daeneryss (Emilia Clarke) owns Drogon from Game of Thrones, but it might be a clue about what Vhagar or Caraxes, aka the Blood Wyrm, might look like on the show. That said, Caraxes is definitely supposed to be red, like Rhaenyss (Eve Best) dragon

On this page, you can once again see what looks to be Syrax, along with a silvery blue dragon who might be Silverwing or even Dreamfyre. (Though if Dreamfyre, is this golden dragon actually Sunfyre? Also why do I know this much about dragons? Im worried about myself!

In the merch drop, there is a skull of Balerion the Black Dread (as seen in the original House of the Dragon teaser trailer) as well as a fresh sigil technique featuring a large, snake-like dragon. (Is this Vhagar?)

The Dragons Eye design for the dragons is once again highlighting that strange black and red dragon (who looks to me more like Drogon!) as well as a visualisation of the Iron Throne in the beasts'' stunning gaze.

This laptop case with Viseryss crown surrounded by sigils of the seven major houses of Westeros: House Starks Direwolf, the Lion of Lannister, the Stag of House Baratheon, the gilded rose of the Tyrells, House Tully''s silver trout, the pierced sun of Dornes'' ruling family, the Martells, and finally House Arryns falcon and moon.

One thing to keep an eye on is that this crown looks identical to the gilded one seen in King Viserys I wear in the trailers. It''s important to note that he does not feature the Valyrian steel and ruby crown of Aegon the Conqueror. While the more, uh, retiring royals stick with something less badass.

At this time in Westeros history, House Martell was not technically involved in the Seven Kingdoms. They were still, as their words suggest, unbowed, unbroken. It would not be until teenaged King Daeron I was taken into custody for a brief Targaryen rule. Later, a marriage between King Daeron II and Myriah Martell would finally unite Dorne with the rest of the Westeros. (Its always those Daerons in Dorne

I am not sure if this is a typo from the design company who intended to use the seven sigils of the major Westeros families or if Dorne has been retconned into the Seven Kingdoms in House of the Dragon. (I am leaning the latter and honestly think they should have just placed the House Velayrons Seahorse sigil in Dornes place if they wanted seven logos.)

Supposedly, fans of Game of Thrones have learned something from the Day of the Dragon merch drop, then House of the Dragon will have far more colorful dragons than Daenerys did. And for that, we should all be thankful. (Especially me, because I found it very difficult to tell Danys dragons apart on the show, and I have to keep all of these dragons straight when they appear on the show! ).

Fly, Syrax, and fly!

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