If Jack Wilshere was in charge of Arsenal, he would pursue sending a 100 million striker to the club

If Jack Wilshere was in charge of Arsenal, he would pursue sending a 100 million striker to the club ...

Jack Wilshere has told TalkSPORT Edge that if he was in charge of Arsenal, he would follow Tammy Abraham. Since signing Chelsea, the Roma forward has played for the club.

Abraham, who has been only 24, has decided to leave England and join Roma and this is a move that has paid off. He has won back his place with the Three Lions scoring 26 goals.

The striker is fit in the Arsenal group of experienced players, although between the age of 20 and 25, has already completed 251 club appearances at senior level, scoring 116 goals and 29 assists.

Arsenal are keen and willing to sign him in a swap agreement with Gabriel, according to sources. Abraham is quoted at an eye-watering 100 million. Wilshere has urged his old club to sign the England man.

Tammy was one of those who was involved with Arsenal before he left Stoke City. Wilshere said then he picked Roma and it has worked out for him. Hes done excellent and had a chance with England, which he absolutely deserves.

If he would return to Arsenal, if I was Arsenal, I would be the first team going for him. He knows England, he grows up in England, he knows the Premier League. Id go for him, give him a 10/10.

If Wilshere was to be in charge of Arsenal, he would take the case for Abraham.

Arsenal desperately need a striker. Eddie Nketiah has signed a new deal, but Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has left the club in January, and now Alexandre Lacazette has returned to Lyon following his Arsenal contract.

Abraham would be superior. Not only would Edus'' transfer plan integrate, but also into Arsenals style. The price tag for Roma is a stumbling block. Arsenal must keep an eye on it.

If the Gunners can orchestrate a deal in which Gabriel is included to sign Abraham, it might be a worthwhile undertaking. This summer, however, Arteta would not be able to stand in the middle of his defense.

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