Emma Thompsons transformation into a Matilda short suit has sparked some serious debate

Emma Thompsons transformation into a Matilda short suit has sparked some serious debate ...

The streaming service for Netflix''s Matilda The Musical has received mixed reviews after fans discovered Emma Thompson wearing a fat outfit as Miss Trunchbull.

Matilda, a global hit from Roald Dahl, has been reimagined for the small screen on Broadway, and now it is hitting the silver screen for the second time following Danny DeVitos 1996 feature film.

The trailer for Emma Thompson, which was later published in December 2022, was dropped last week. Agatha Trunchbull and Alisha Weir play the titularMatilda Wormwood were all joined by Emma Thompson.

Despite Thompson''s desire, fans have described the production as choppy, rather than a larger actress.

Emma Thompsons fat suit tears up Twitter

Thompson was a no-brainer in her family films as a photographer. In 2005, she performed fantastic duties with the Nanny McPhee.

Although her latest outfit hasn''t been a hit with many fans. Miss Trunchbull, dressed in a khaki green dress and brown boots, looks more like an army officer than a headmistress, though it is a perfect fit for her demanding rules.

The problem is not the frock, but it''s what the 63-year-old is sporting underneath. Its obvious that she has gotten a fat suit and extra padding for her breasts, since she has always maintained a small figure.

Fans have criticised Thompson and the film for being insensitive for refusing to employ a more capable actress.

One Twitter user wrote that I cannot believe that someone would put a thin person into this costume for Matilda the musical. The original was already fat enough, but now they placed Emma Thompson into a fat suit.

After revealing about body positivity on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, a long-time fan called her a pretty hypocritical for adopting the suit.

Queen Mojo and comedian Freddy Quinne of Peckhams Finest debated the topic on Good Morning Britain, claiming that being overweight can be a difficult experience that a fat suit cannot replicate.

Quinne argued that choosing a talented actress is a top choice, not based on size. He also pointed out that the fictional character is comparable to Daniel Radcliff as a wizard.

One Twitter user defended the suit, recalled how no one criticised Chris Hemsworth for his slim suit as Thor in Avengers: End Game.

I''ve seen rumors about Emma Thompson wearing a fat suit for Matilda, but I don''t recall seeing one when Chris Hemsworth wore a fat suit for Thor.

This wouldnt be the first time she''s dressed in prosthetics; the Harry Potter star also wore a fat suit in Love Actually as her abusive wife Karen.

In theatres, a man played Miss Trunchbull.

While there is debate about the size of Trunchbulls actress, it turns out that the role is usually played by someone of the opposite gender. In Londons West End and on Broadway, Robert Carvel, better known as Bertie Carvel, won the aLaurence Olivier Award as the villainous headmistress.

Fans have believed that the original Roald Dahl character is Thompson, a muscular female former Olympic hammer-thrower with a bull neck, big shoulders, thick arms, and powerful legs, which is why the movie is so popular that it is a muscle suit.

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