After Kristen Stewart punched him, Chris Hemsworth was left with a black eye

After Kristen Stewart punched him, Chris Hemsworth was left with a black eye ...

Superheroes, they are just like us. Though he plays Thor, the Norse god of thunder in the blockbuster Marvel films, Chris Hemsworth can still be beaten in the face.

Chris Hemsworth''s most prominent roles were separated from Kristen Stewart while filmingSnow White and the Huntsman, a classic fairytale in which he played the titular huntsman.

As Hemsworth claims, the Spencer character who played Snow White was distraught after punching him, although he wishes she had done it even further.

Chris'' account of the incident and other scenes from the Huntsman set will be released.

How did the punch go down?

The character of Kristen Stewart is expected to hit Hemsworth in the movie, although the stunt was tweaked to appear real. I was more dissatisfied [Stewart] didnt continue on through the take. She kind of hit me and then immediately went, Oh, my God, I''m sorry.

Hemsworth remained patient, and said, "I was like, That would have been the perfect, most truthful approach that we had."

What is the plot of Snow White and the Huntsman?

Snow White is imprisoned by Queen Raveena, her evil stepmother in the Grimm Brothers films (played by Charlize Theron). Snow White eventually escapes and Raveena hires Eric the Huntsman to murder her, but he becomes her ally in overthrowing the queen.

Hemsworth explained how he was bullied by his character, Eric, saying: "We all had a clumsy chaotic spirit to him, which enabled us to have a lot of fun with it."

After the success of the first Thor film in 2011, he developed the desire to do some more smaller character-based films where special effects and big action scenes were not necessarily the most dominant force.

What does Kristen Stewart have to say about the Huntsman?

Because of a scandal that shaped the set, Stewart was not invited back for the 2016 Huntsman: Winters War if he played Snow White in the 2012 film.

Stewart appeared in a 2019 interview with The Howard Stern Show, which reveals that she was not cast in the unpopular sequel due to her widely-reported affair with Rupert Sanders, the filmmaker.

What you mean by living in a different moment? I feel like thesl*t-shamingthat went down was so ridicule. And theTwilightalum should have weighed me in that movie! It would have been better.

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