In Fall Guys 2022, how can you alter your name by using an Epic Games password?

In Fall Guys 2022, how can you alter your name by using an Epic Games password? ...

Fall Guys has relaunched as free to play in 2022, and many newcomers are confused about how to alter your name using Epic Games.

The free-to-play launch is fantastic. It celebrates the Nintendo Switch and Microsoft consoles debut, and the release on Xbox will be further celebrated with a Halo themed event on June 30th.

We cannot wait to posing our jelly bean as the famous Master Chief, but before then, you should know how to change your display name to what you want.

How to change your name in Fall Guys

In Fall Guys 2022, you must create a PSN, Microsoft, Nintendo Switch, or Steam account to change your name.

You need to enter the Display ID you want and select save changes once you have signed into Epic.

Return to the game and open settings after you have completed the above. Click Display ID, and it should be the new name youve entered on the Epic Games website.

Nevertheless, you cannot repeatedly give yourself a new Display ID. For example, if you entered a new Display ID on June 22nd, you will need to wait until July 6th to create another one.

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How to link Epic Games account

If you have linked your PSN, Steam, Nintendo, or Microsoft profile to Epic Games, you may only change your name in Fall Guys 2022.

As soon as you enter your EG profile, this should be the first thing you do, which means that upon opening the game for the first time, you are required to register. If you have a computer, you may simply create one from the pop up.

If you have any problems, please make sure you link your account to EG. This is the only way to get cross platform multiplayer and cross progression. Check out the Mediatonics support page.

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