Julius Francis is enquiring about a rematch with Mike Tyson after being knocked out by him 22 years ago

Julius Francis is enquiring about a rematch with Mike Tyson after being knocked out by him 22 years  ...

Julius Francis, a former heavyweight boxer, has revealed that he would like to compete with Mike Tyson in a rematch.

After knocking out a reveler in London, Francis became the town''s voice.

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Julius Francis was recently spotted kissing TMZ after becoming viral for punching a guy who was attempting to start a fight at an event in London.

Francis disclosed that he would be willing to enter the ring only if the opponent and price are correct during the interview.

If there is a promoter willing to do so, he said.

Francis continued, but I never enjoyed talking about money, but [if] they could come up with a decent offer, then who knows?


A retired boxer mentioned, I have a daughter who tells me she won''t fight again. And I think to myself who would I fight?

Because of a huge potential salary, Francis claimed that many people are often advising him to fight Jake Paul or Logan Paul. However, according to Francis, they are not in his category.

In the end, there is only one boxer who may grant Francis the option to lace up his gloves again. That man is none other than Mike Tyson, whom he lost to in a 2000 bout.

Im going to say, yes, there will be a rematch. I dont know if anybody will watch it, but I''ll say, yes.

Iron Mike knocked out Francis 58 seconds into the second round of the contest.

After a video of Julius Francis punching a guy who was agitating people near went viral, it was unimaginably reimagined.

On the 12th of June, Pope Francis was hired as a security guard in the BOXPARK Wembley. Despite the footage, people continued to praise him for his ability and speed.

While discussing the situation with TMZ, Francis stated that he felt vexed by the users'' reaction to his haymaker.

De asemenea, he said that he was pleased with the peoples'' assistance who are appreciating the punch because the guy deserves it.

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