Boruto chapter 72 is taking a short break, and the company has confirmed a new release date

Boruto chapter 72 is taking a short break, and the company has confirmed a new release date ...

Chapter 72 of the Boruto manga series will have a one-month break, but unfortunately the new release date has just been confirmed.

As students as professionals prepare for a complete working week, Mondays are usually the most difficult to get through.

Fans of the Boruto manga set a very good start Monday, with the 71st chapter of Naruto Next Generations manga being released around the world via Viz Media and Manga Plus.

Fans from all over the world may read, digest, and discuss Nuisance, but it has been sadly revealed that the Boruto manga will take a short break next month before the release of chapter 72. Here''s all you need to know about it.

Boruto is suffering from a month of stress. It''s absolutely no fun to watch this month''s manga.

Boruto chapter 72 has taken a break, and a new release has been confirmed.

The Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga is undergoing a lengthy break next month and will not release chapter 72 in the July issue of V Jump.

The reason for the delay has not been disclosed, but mangaka take regular breaks from the hectic schedule of continuous writing/illustrating so that they may maintain their own health as well as the quality of their series.

The good news is that the iconic franchise will be released in the following issue of V Jump, with Manga Plus now confirming that Boruto chapter 72 will be released on Friday August 19th.

Their alliance has broken down Code has been removed and discarded, and his inner thoughts are being mixed with hatred and envy!! Boruto chapter 72 preview text, via Organic Dinosaur Twitter

We will have to wait ''til August'' to receive Boruto Chapter 72

Anime fans prepare for new opening theme song

With the Boruto manga on its way to a break for July, all of our attention will be focused on the anime series.

The biggest issue about the Studio Pierrots adaptation is that the series will soon release a brand-new theme song and animation.

According to the Anime News Network, the new opening will be called Kirarirari, which is performed by KANA-BOON if the name sounds recognisable, and because KANA-BOON performed the very first theme song for the Boruto anime as well as the 2015 feature film.

Lenny Code Fiction has released the new ending theme song, Biboroku, who has previously performed the My Hero Academia season 3 and Fire Force openings.

Both new tracks will be shown in the July broadcast, but a specific episode number hasn''t been revealed.

When will the next anime DVD be released in the United Kingdom?

The majority of anime fans are watching each new episode as they are simulcast on Crunchyroll around the world, but many are also waiting for the next DVD release.

The 58th DVD (episode 227-229) is scheduled for July 6th and the 59th (230-232) on August 3rd, with the collected 13th boxset (episodes 221-232) to be available on August 3rd in Japan.

On September 6, Viz Media is planning to release DVD Volume 13; this two-disc boxset will include episodes 177-189.

On August 3, Madman Entertainment''s 12th DVD boxset will be available in Australia and New Zealand. The three-disc release will include episodes 156-176.

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