Quests, map codes, and rewards for Fortnite Island Hopper

Quests, map codes, and rewards for Fortnite Island Hopper ...

Fortnite Island Hopper quests have been issued by Epic Games for players to complete, and you must know the map codes to receive the full range of rewards.

It''s an exciting time for Epic Games fans to fight royale. Alongside the newly added collection of mini-games to complete, players may now find Star Wars weapons and Darth Vader''s location.

While the prospect of being the iconic baddie in cinemas is exciting, there are still a lot of challenges to deal with when it comes to gadgets.

All Fortnite Island Hopper quests and rewards

All of the Fortnite Island Hopper quests and rewards for everything from Parkour Universe to Blimp Wars are listed below.

Outside of the above, you will also be eligible for the following round of completing a certain number of quests.

  • CompleteSixIsland Hopper Quests Macaw Darkwings Back Bling
  • CompleteSixIsland Hopper Quests Tropics Beak Pickaxe
  • CompleteThreeIsland Hopper Quests Tropical Infrared WrapandRavage Spray
  • CompleteOneIsland Hopper Quest Raven SprayandGG Emoticon!

Epic Games has given us all of the above information.

Lets go Island hopping Drop into these exciting Creator-made games to earn free rewards and XP from now until July 6.

Map codes

Each of the Fortnite Island Hoppa quests has been given a map number:

  • One Trigger 2668-5883-1928
  • Parkour Universe 0111-3743-0305
  • Blimp Wars 0245-9239-2638
  • Color Dash 0321-8998-8494
  • Ultimate Murder Mystery 0124-5841-7849
  • Prop Hunt Modern Mall XP+ 1234-1679-1165

On July 6, you may complete all quests until 07:00 PT, 10:00 ET, and 15:00 BST.

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