Elon Musk wants Twitter to have over four billion users

Elon Musk wants Twitter to have over four billion users ...

Elon Musk, the world''s richest person, wants to join half the world''s population to Twitter if his offered offer goes through, according to Bloomberg. The social media platform currently has 229 million users.

Musk, who offered to buy out Twitter in April, has put the deal on hold after pointing out concerns that the spam or fake account numbers on the platform are much higher than the company claims. Recently, we reported how the Twitter board asked the company''s shareholders to vote ''for the deal,'' but the world''s richest person has kept his options open to back out of the purchase.

What is Musk doing about the Twitter deal?

In the middle of the night, Musk spoke from the United States via videolink at the Qatar Economic Forum. He said he is waiting for a resolution on a few "unresolved issues," including the number of bots on the platform.

Musk describes it as a "sensitive matter" and limiting what he may say publicly. However, he said the transaction would not be completed before the issue was resolved. However, he did not completely endorse the agreement, implying that he is using the bot numbers as an excuse to earn a discount on his purchase.

Musk is hoping to complete the buyout, revealing his vision of "driving the product" on Twitter, even if his deal went through, according to Bloomberg. The report says it has revealed that he intended to sign half the world to Twitter, achieving a similar goal than the one billion he shared with Twitter employees last week.

While his social media intentions are broad, Musk does not support Tesla or his electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing business.

The layoffs at Tesla and support for Dogecoin

Tesla''s expansion was thought to be going through a recession, but it was time to slow down the company''s growth. According to Musk, the company had rapidly grown on the salaried side, and would reduce its workforce by 10 percent over the next three months.

Musk clarified the myth that the company''s headcount would rise when it first appeared, but Musk has said that the total headcount would decrease by 3.5 percent, but the number of hourly employees would increase.

Even if the markets have experienced some painful days in the past weeks, Musk said he supports Dogecoin, as many "not that wealthy" people support him to buy and support Dogecoin.

He denied that he had ever asked people to invest in Dogecoin, but said that Tesla and other companies, SpaceX, will accept Dogecoin for buying goods.

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