Tom Manns, star of X Factor, has an irreversible heartbreak as his girlfriend dies on his wedding day

Tom Manns, star of X Factor, has an irreversible heartbreak as his girlfriend dies on his wedding da ...

The best day of Tom Manns'' life ended up being a day of irreversible heartbreak.

On Instagram, Mann, 28, was most well-known for his appearance on X Factor in 2014 and shared tragic news, claiming that his dear wife-to-be never made it down the aisle on Saturday.

On their wedding day, his ex-fiancee Danielle Hampson died.

Posting a photo of Hampson and their eight-month-old son Bowie, Mann said he couldn''t believe I am writing these words.

Dani, my best friend, my everything, and my love of my life passed away in the early hours of Saturday morning, 18th June, according to a writer. On what was supposed to be the most enjoyable day of our lives, I had a heartbroken moment. I feel like I have cried an ocean.

We never walked to the altar; or we had to slam our vows; or dance our first dance, but I know you know that you were your friend, the whole world, and the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, Danielle.

Mann, who played on the singing program as part of the boyband Stereo Kicks, said his son would be able to take on the task.

I honestly don''t know where to go from here, but I know I need to use any force I can do for our little boy, according to a writer. I will not be a mark on the parent who you had already become, but I promise I will do everything we can to make Bowie stronger than we ever expected.

The singer/songwriter said on Wednesday that he is completely broken in trying to cope with the tragedy.

Dani, my darling, the brightest light in any room, my world is only darkness without you. He declared that he will miss you forever.

At this time, the cause of death of Hampsons is unknown.

We never returned to the altar; or we had to say our vows or dance our first dance.

Former Stereo Kicks bandmates are rushed to the comments section in order to express their condolences.

Sending all my love brother narrably sorry, wrote singer Barclay Beales, while Charlie Jones added, disgracedly reading this Tom. Seeing all my affection for you and Bowie.

Because of the epidemic, Mann and Hampson were forced to postpone their wedding in August 2020.

In October 2021, the couple announced the arrival of their son, Bowie.

On the 11th season ofX Factorin 2014, Mann burst on the music scene, initially auditioned solo before being placed into Stereo Kicks by the judges.

The band won the fifth place and later released their first single, but the members of the band switched their views the following year.

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